Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Dec 17 2010

Want to know how to sell more domain names?  One, have better names and two, have patience and let you good names “age” with time, the buyers will come.  As simple as that sounds I realize the reason I had so many more domain sales this year had nothing to do with my visibility as a blogger but rather that I had learned so much about what makes a solid domain.  Simply put, I have purchased better names.  Sure, I’ve taken a flyer or two but in general I have spend a lot more on my recent acquisitions and the result is more and higher value sales.  Now onto the names and I’ve thrown a few in from Saturday as well. I actually know a few girls named Addie but I don’t think they’ll be buying this name because they are both 11 years old.  If that sounds creepy I should add they are friends with my 11 year old daughter. They don’t get more descriptive than this and to make it even better, I heard that kids are actually reading now…..real books not textbooks….like 500 pagers……..on their own.  I know, I know……crazy No bids for some reason.  I think it’s an excellent name and like books I heard this weather thing is catching on. I hear people talking about it almost every day. For under $100 you can take this name and make just as much money as someone who spent $100,000 on a domain. Most people know this means nose hair trimmer but I guess you could find people like Jennifer Anniston, Heidi Montag, and Jennifer Grey looking for an auction nose trimmer Think any domain investors will want this one? I like this name and 43 bidders agree with me  At first glance it didn’t look that special but then I saw the searches and CPC and realized this could easily be monetized.

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