Domain Spotlight: Already at $50,000 and the Auction Just Started

Any time you have 298 bidders at a NameJet auction you’re bound to have the domain go for a pretty good price. The auction for keeps with the norm by hitting a high number right out of the gate. The auction just started 5 hours ago but seems to have already hit the reserve at $50,000.  When an auction at Namejet has a reserve they use the bidder “Namejet Reserve” to indicate that the auction is very close to the reserve.

The reserve came into play with the latest bid of $49,900 by “Americanman”.   The name is presently owned by which seems to be a Godaddy reseller and looks to have over 30,000 names in their portfolio according to DomainTools.   Originally they’ve had the domain name up for sale for $250,000.  Looks like they dropped their number although they still stand to do very well.

In my opinion, if this name goes under $75K the new owner of the name will have gotten a very good deal.  Although this name certainly doesn’t have to be a weight loss domain, it certainly would fit nicely.  I’ve chosen to go the more creative, less costly diet domain name route with and  Both which are available at just a fraction of the cost but not nearly as good of as

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