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It’s a domain investor’s worst nightmare.  You die and your family doesn’t know where or forgets to renew your assets.  Leaving hundreds of thousand of dollars to be auctioned by the registries or drop catchers.   That was the case of

Everyone knew that a name like doesn’t drop unless there are special circumstances behind it.  Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly decided he was going to find out the reason.  Many people wondered but he acted.  He tracked down the original registrant only to find that he had passed.  Now he had to find the family or the person that would now be responsible for   He found out that the family was Canadian and he knew a Canadian.  A Canadian that had a history of getting names into the right hands. Bill Sweetman of NameNinja fame. 

Bill used his Facebook account to reach out to see if anyone knew of the family or the original registrant and amazingly someone did.  One thing led to another and long story short, they family got the name renewed.

It’s a great story and a story that only has positives.  I’m sure there were others that helped in the process but kudos to these two men for helping a family when there was nothing in it for them besides good will. I’m sure there were others that tried to contact the person to try and get the domain cheaper than the auction.  Thankfully there were two that wanted it to get in to the account that the gentleman that passed away wanted it to go.

Domain Spotlight:

9 Replies to “Bill Sweetman And Jamie Zoch Help A Family Get Back”

  1. Of course I *had* to help rescue this domain; I’m a vegetarian. ;+)

    Seriously, though, thanks for seeing the positives in this story. I am so relieved it had a happy ending, it almost didn’t.

    You were missed at NamesCon this past January. Hope you return in 2019.

    1. i am going to play the devils advocate here. i am really happy that someone saved his assest but arent most of the domains we buy are peoples/company’s forgotten assets ? whats the fault of others who could not be helped?

      1. Fatih,

        The quality of the domain was so high that it was obvious there had been a major issue with the registrant to not have paid renewal. Jamie wanted to find out the reason. It was tragedy that caused it. He did what kind people do and help the family effected
        Two. We should not question why someone else didn’t receive help or how much help was given but be appreciative and supportive of anyone that helps at all.

    1. Jamie,

      I dont know the details of this incident, just thought out loud.

      I got my companies exact domain because the owners did not renew it and they got another domain afterwards which shows it was forgotten.

      I am not sure if i should feel bad for this.

      regarding this incident, i dont believe in coincidence and if you did there must be some reason for this to happen. i am happy for them and it is a plus for you for sure. Just dont know where we should put the line.

      All the Best

  2. Great job guys. Many people would not do anything out of greed. You guys rock. Shane’s ok too I guess :p

  3. That is an amazing thing that Jamie and Bill have done here.

    Fantastic job guys, much respect to you.

  4. Great name, great story. I’m sure the family is very happy that you guys made the effort. It is yet another reminder to make sure that your family (or someone) knows what to do with your portfolio if something happens to you!

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