D Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday March 16th, 2018

Mar 16 2018


We taped the newest DomainSherpa yesterday and it sure was nice having Micheal back on the show. As a person that does tv shows and two or three podcast a week it is nice to see someone that is so polished as a speaker.  It takes a lot of practice and the right personality to be able to take knowledge and relay it in a fun and flowing manner.  Michael flows.  Drew is better with him around.  They play off each other.   And Cyger is not playing on the side lines in domains.  He is every bit of deserving to be on the panel as he is as the host.  And it will show this Monday.

I had to run straight from the taping to do a show on PBS called Mid American Gardener.  I play a completely different role on that show.  I go from representing the smaller domain investor and the every  guy role with a few jokes on Sherpa,  to being the head and main question answerer on the next show.  I wasn’t the host yesterday but I am the lead. I’m the Drew of that show.  I’m also the young buck which tells you the age of the panel.  I’ve been the young buck since 1995.  Regardless of how old I’ve gotten, everyone else keeps adding a year as well.

From doing the two shows I’ve learned there are three types of people.  Those that create content.  Those that watch and like the content. And those that critique the content.  The more popular the person in the first group becomes, the more people join the other two groups.  That’s how the game works.   I imagine after the latest Sherpa there will be more in the other two groups.Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price


Quote of the Day:  “Teachers do the noble work of educating our children. And we can’t thank them enough for the hard work they put in every day to ensure a bright future for all of us”  -Denise Juneau

Domain of the Day:  HairFairy.com   I laughed the whole time I typed this.  Leaves you a little hairball under your pillow

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction

Gratification.com      Something we all look for as humans.  Get it with this name. No bids

AHIC.com  VCVC.  C for corporation or crypto

FishingVacations.com  I know a few friends that the highlight of their year is a fishing vacation.

HottestGames.com   Under $500 reserve so this might sell.  Top games or ranking site. 1998


Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids

Ruffian.com   I like the name but not sure I like it THIS much

ProAfrica.com   I am and so are a few bidders

LSGroup.com   I have no idea why it is his high

BuyBoats.com   1996 domain and its already at four figures

DrivingGloves.com   Kind of a niche product but you couldn’t tell it from the bids

Patio.org   the .org isn’t that great for the keyword but still has value because Patio is a nice brand

Pbull.com   I’m sure everyone is seeing Pitbull

Tutorial.cc    Good keyword .cc   7 bids

TheWebHub.com  241,000 backlinks are driving the bidders

FitPole.com     also known as a stripper pole

42J.com Nice to see this getting some good bids.

A Little List of Crypto Names







Godaddy Names With One or No Bids


CavityFix.com  Pain and love is where they money is at.  Cavity fits in the pain category.  No bids

BullFoot.com  I think they have hooves but nobody cares. Cool name

NameBargains.com  Bumped and dinged domains at a good price

HoneyRoom.com  Great name for a bee keeper or anyone that sells honey

AgriLabor.com  A company that specializes in agricultural labor supply

FreeDomainFinder.com  Find your hand regs here

NewBlades.com  Get your new razor blades here

NewPenis.com  Upgrade name

Donut.cc   Nice keyword here.  I know , I know doughnut


Godaddy Names With  Bids


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. Ategy

    Saw your post from Monday .. and no .. you haven’t lost me .. lol .. Sorry for the disappearance act …
    Must be quiet these days with the combination of Google not finding my usual monster posts here, together with Estibot no longer pushing the “Domaining” newsfeed!?
    Anyhow .. It’s nothing to do with the review .. As I mentioned in my blog-ish at NamePros .. my PC was already suffering serious issues for weeks .. and then I suffered a colossal disaster with a total PC crash. After a huge number of hours trying to fix it both myself and multiple calls with Microsoft .. a Microsoft tech (who I think just gave up on even trying) gave me instructions on how to reimage windows over the old (apparently registry-corrupted) install. Determined to lose the least amount of data possible I tinkered a bit more (in limited safe mode) and spent even more time on backing everything up. Ultimately the instructions the Microsoft tech gave me was wrong and ended up wiping out pretty much everything .. and I spent another huge chunk of time trying to get things back to the way they were. I still am in terms of resetting up my emails and a few other things .. I seriously need to figure out how to restore my last session of Chrome (had about 100 tabs open over about 7-8 windows). But PC seems like it’ll be good now (knocking on wood HARD .. lol).
    More importantly however .. I’ve been creating a new system for going through the nightly expiration lists. So on top of PC tinkering .. I’ve also been eyeball deep in Excel .. I’m seriously approaching Jedi Level in spreadsheets .. lol. Lots and lots of trial and error and googling how-to’s etc. It’s a huge time investment .. to free up future time … and it has really paid off .. I’m now going through more names in less time .. plus generating my final “reports” are significantly faster as well. Even set up Excel shortcuts on my mouse buttons .. I think my next step is getting the gloves from Minority Report!
    So just really haven’t had time. Plus in my old process I actually added names from here at DSAD for my own personal master list .. but then out of respect to you guys I manually deleted all the ones I didn’t already have from my list … it was VERY time consuming (particularly on josh days … lol) .. but I had to do it that way to keep my personal listing in chronological order. With my new system it won’t be too hard to implement a way to exclude unique DSAD (or another other site’s) names .. just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    Another issue is that I also had a couple longer posts not work at Sherpa (has happened here as well multiple times). At first (when it happened here last year) I thought it was posts waiting to be moderated .. but it wasn’t that (those posts still show up as pending) … Pretty sure there’s some character combination not allowed in WordPress that I seem to trigger from time to time. Originally I thought it was links or post length .. but it’s something else I haven’t been able to figure out. I think it’s just that I get it more often than others, as the chances of me triggering whatever it is goes up because of my overall word volume. So I cut up longer posts into shorter bids and cross my fingers .. then reword whatever doesn’t work .. I usually “copy” my post before submitting so I don’t lose it .. but a couple of times recently I forgot, and lost loooooong posts. More importantly, because they aren’t my sites, I can’t come back and clean up/reedit into a single post. One of them was a good longer takeaway from the Sherpa Review mentioning what things I’ll be changing because of it (beyond my initial post … which itself I had to cut up into multiple posts).
    Obviously would have loved a better response at Sherpa .. but those names were from my initial list I emailed in proposing to have an episode focused on very low acquisition costs (I think the entire portfolio was under $400 for all 25 domains combined). After talking to Tess we decided not to do that .. so I resent a new list (but from another email address because of ongoing PC issues), and so it likely got lost (or just as likely it was a monster long email and the names got lost within it .. lol). These were going to be my final names:
    Breathtaken // dot // com
    ConnectingHumanity // dot // com
    ConquerTheScale // dot // com
    CosmicBakery // dot // com (edible canna)
    EscapeTheChaos // dot // com
    ExpertCannabis // dot // com
    HoloDaze // dot // com (VR – “Holidays”)
    Identscan // dot // com
    InfluenceFactory // dot // com
    NovaCondos // dot // com
    PatriotPharma // dot // com
    PlatinumWallet // dot // com
    PleaseContribute // dot // com
    RemoteInstruction // dot // com
    RoarCommunications // dot // com
    RoseDiva // dot // com
    SoundReputation // dot // com
    ToolTycoon // dot // com
    UndercoverSecurity // dot // com
    WiredWardrobe // dot // com (wearable tech)
    Burgundy // dot // co
    SmartCity // dot // co
    PayPerView // dot // org
    PhoneReviews // dot // org
    Remix // dot // tv
    Ironically those names weren’t all that much more costly than the original ones. Although I’m not even sure if you’d had liked those any more. Doesn’t matter too much .. I’ve really changed my buying over the last several months .. and having the review the way it ended up will get me to be even pickier with my buys .. I’m not really too worried .. if my sales volume doesn’t go up after all my stuff is listed optimally then I’ll start to panic .. but at the prices I’ve bought my domains at, I could still easily liquidate them at over my acquisition costs .. it’s just that obviously I’d rather get retail .. or higher wholesale range if going for volume.
    Still got some good things to go on from the review. The weed stuff in particular.
    I also still like my chances grabbing RemoteInstruction // dot // com at closeout pricing. It’s not a top of the line domain .. but it isn’t nearly a zero value like a lot of the stuff you see at NamePros. I can’t recall what you paid for RemoteCoach .. but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything close to $5! 😉
    Also was surprised none of you liked UndercoverSecurity, ToolTycoon, PhoneReviews and a couple others.
    With everything I’ve learned redoing my process .. the next step is applying it to my actual portfolio .. that’s when I really hope to take off. I really had a bad year with unexpected “real world distractions” seriously cutting into my time. I’ve been bad in that I don’t update my listings nearly as often as I should (heck .. my domains still aren’t listed at Uni). So while that makes me a bad bad domainer (no excuses for it), it does encourage me in that if I’m getting a few decent sales now (more or less keeping afloat) .. the 2018 combination of getting fewer but better domains, combined with my domains being much more progressively listed, really has me seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of becoming profitable.
    Lots more to say .. but the most important takeaway I got from the review is .. shut the f up and focus on my sh!t … lol. Seriously .. I’ll most certainly be back more regularly .. but I’m in ultra productive mode these days (think Richard from Silicon Valley in the TechCrunch hotel room) .. and making a little exception here to say hello because you’re my Valentine and I didn’t want you to be too concerned! lol 😉

    PS .. i’ve never met Drew in person .. but based on all the hair jokes in past Shrepa shows together with the resent comments about razor.??? .. I’m thinking today’s domain of the Day “HairFairy.com” should go to him! 😉

    1. Post author

      Welcome back Ategy. You pretty much made up for all the lost comments. We talk about you again on the new Sherpa. You are now Internet famous. It only took me 3 hours to read your comments. And yes
      he is the Hairy Fairy

  2. Gene

    Shane, I’m taking issue with your quote of the day:

    “Teachers do the noble work of educating our children. And we can’t thank them enough for the hard work they put in every day to ensure a bright future for all of us” -Denise Juneau

    Comment: This used to be true, but many of us deliberately chose to homeschool our kids because it’s no longer true.

    I know some fabulous – FABULOUS – teachers, but many of their peers are, frankly, totally incompetent, solely there to collect a paycheck, ensure that they’ll retire in their mid-50’s, and couldn’t pass a standardized exam if given a thousand test-prep courses. And the great ones that I know would be the first one(s) to confirm that sentiment.

    Teaching is an extremely noble calling, but not enough treat it like the vocation it is, for which this country is paying a heavy price, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    1. Post author


      It’s OK to take issue. Everyone has their own experiences. I come from a family of those Fabulous teachers. My Mom talks about her kids every day. Teaches special ed and the
      most difficult roles in teaching. Let me say this. Welcome to life. In every facet of life there are those that shine and guide, those that are average, and those that hinder. Part of growing
      up is dealing with those people. I will give you a personal experience. My daughter went through Catholic school until 8th grade. At that point we let her decide where she wanted to go to High School. Catholic, a school that
      tested and selected applicants and they went to High School at the university of Illinois, or Public. She chose public. She chose public because she wanted to see what the world looks like. Not Mommy
      teaching her, not a class of all white, wealthy, me me me me kids. Her words not mine.

      And ask her now as a Senior and she will tell you that it was the best experience of her life. She learned to deal with those that don’t care and she learned to hitch a wagon to those that did. We had teachers
      personally call me and let me know they appreciated me letting my daughter go to High School and that if everyone gave it a shot like her then the school would be a better place.

      You and I go on our experiences. I think home schooling raises babies. Mom can not put in the time, nor do they have the expertise to get to the level of education my daughter has. She took the AP test and tested out
      of 15 hours of college credit. But she also got a scholarship to run college track. Got in to Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell. She chose Syracuse. For the exact reason she chose to go to public schools. And when she goes there
      she will be prepared both educationally and emotionally. She has been preparing to live life on her own and adjust to the good and bad it will showcase.

      She is a beast. A beast that knows how to handle a shitty teacher. How to handle a kid that smokes weed right next to her at the bus stop. Disruptions are part of life. Taking yourself out of them is not how you
      handle them. Yes, I think they need to be of High School age to start making those calls. That’s why we waited. Up to 8th grade a parent or tutor can handle the curriculum. No way can they match our High School. At
      that’s with 50% not being good at their job. But the other 50% inspire, lead, help find direction, and most of all teach. One teacher can make a difference. My daughter’s was AP History. He is rated as one of the TOP history teacher in the US with more kids scoring a 5 on the AP than any other teacher. You don’t go to public school, you miss that. The shitty other teachers? That’s part of the package.

      This obviously touched a nerve but I give talks to other parents to try and get them to do exactly the opposite of what you’ve done after 8th grade.

  3. Gene

    I appreciate you sharing your comments, Shane, and suspected that you posted that comment because you may have come from a family of teachers. It’s just very sad – and the damage can’t be repaired afterwards – when many of the teachers aren’t as committed as your family members are.

    It’s also great that your daughter has done so well, but I would strongly suspect that 98% of her character, drive, and commitment are due to her parenting, not her public school teachers: Although i’d be the first to agree that a great teacher can have a profound impact on a student’s life. No question about it.

    You’re definitely mistaken on the end-product of home schooling. While I personally know plenty of home schooling parents who should never have taken on the UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT task (24/7) of educating their own kids , home schooled kids are among the most confident high school grads you’ll ever meet.

    One of my daughters went to McGill (Montreal), graduated with 2 BAs in only 3 years, was the President of the Debate Team there, and now goes to University of Cambridge (UK) for her masters. So home schooling did nothing whatsoever to turn her into a ‘baby,’ or hurt her chances of advancement in any way – quite the opposite.

    I went to public schools all my life – which was such a horrible education that it was a miracle that I somehow was able to purge the experience from my memory, perform a ton of self-study, and become an IP lawyer later in life. And while I am sure that there are some good public schools, when you compare the education that they give here in the US to the instruction given in Europe or Asia, it’s no wonder that our country hasn’t already imploded.

    God bless the great teachers in your family for taking their vocation seriously. And the problem with the “other 50%” who don’t do the same, is that you have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people now walking through life who are permanently disadvantaged, and most will never recover — because there wasn’t that GREAT teacher in their life who made a difference.

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