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Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacott Steel, 7 Gram Rocks, and Charlie Sheen Domains

Even Charlie Sheen knows who’s king of the urls.  When asked recently in an interview what his headstone would say he replied, “Something dot com”.  Sheen’s comments in only one week have become Internet legend.  Those crazy statements and terms are being tweeted and repeated all over the media, leading to some domain owners getting huge spikes in traffic.  Here are the big gainers in the Charlie Sheen #Winning domain game   The rich get richer here.  World Media Group already owns,,,,  and  The own 1400 premium domains including this one.  Winning was already a great name but has probably quadrupled in value in one week. Charlie says this is better than winning.  You’re winning over here, winning over there. Biwinning.  Somebody also is winning by registering this domain as soon as the news came out on Feb 28th.  He’s killing his ability to sell it by hiding his identity.  He could get $5K plus if he’d sell it right now. Evidently tiger blood DOES make you stronger.  A company has been selling Tiger Blood steroids out of Singapore since 2005.  I can’t get traffic stats, but undoubtedly they’ve gotten a huge boost in traffic in the last week. I reached out to them to see if they’ve received a boost or even any inquires regarding selling their domain.  Tiger Blood is THE new term for strength, so I imagine they’re going to be keeping the name. ” Can’t is the Cancer of Happen”  It’s quotes like these that come from men that have Adonis DNA and Charlie Sheen says he has it.  But Kramer Z Productions owns  They too,  bought it early on February 28th.  It’s a site devoted to Charlie and I have to admit there’s already some funny stuff but not sure if lifted or original.  I give them an A for getting the site and content up quickly. Vaperize LA decided to take advantage of Charlie’s love of the $420 crack cigarette. The domain forwards to their vapor cigarette site.  They registered the domain yesterday. They also picked up  Savvy domain owners.   This is the big boy. Everyone in the world wants more Carlos Estevez (owned by a man named Carlos Estevez) and they’re typing in the name by the thousands.  Alberta Hotrods, a known celebrity domain name owner presently has the name.  That won’t last long.  Charlie will soon file a WIPO or UDRP and get the name.  Alberta isn’t all bad.  They have some great legit names in their portfolio that are common first names.  They obviously know they are in trouble due to the fact they haven nothing resolving on the domain. Otherwise they would be milking this puppy as much as they could.

So how can YOU make some money off of Charlie?  Here are some names that are still available to register. And amazingly some that have been taken (available) (taken) (available) Plural taken (taken) (available) (taken) (taken)  (available)  This beautiful name brings me to tears………and maybe to jail

I quit, everything is registered.  Even and net is taken.  You gotta be quick with the domainer people.

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  2. Charlie Sheen is the man, drug use or not this guy obviously knows the spotlight is on him and he does what any entertainer should do… 🙂 I was actually gonna register a few domain names then I woke up!

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