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Monday’s Dropping Domains and Auction Pick: Tons of Numerics

If you like NNNN.coms then you’re going to like today.  A bunch of them and some nice ones.  The quality of the list improved over some of the lists last week. I even got a few “Your list sucks” comments (ok one). Nice to work hard each day putting together lists and have some nice fellow criticize the fact that there were no good names up that week.  Enjoy today’s list. It hurts a little typing this out but as a man over 40, this is in my future. The exam, probably not the domain $20,000 valuate with 8000 searches It’s a little unusual but the opening bid on this one is $800.  I still think this is a good price. There are 90 bidders on this and I do like the name but always worry that nobody can spell accessories. and, all are up today and solid numerics Canadian city with 2900 searches.  Here you go Geo people I like this one because of its age.  1995 domain Lots of word combinations for this one I don’t buy a lot of info but these things are hot (pun intended).  90,000 searches for $60 is a great deal. Make an information site and put up ads.  Instant money

Make sure to stop by Dropday if you are looking for more names.

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2 Replies to “Monday’s Dropping Domains and Auction Pick: Tons of Numerics”

  1. this is my pick of the week on tdnam /sarcasm

  2. Well I like your lists. I always see a couple of names I like even if I can’t afford them.

    ProstateExam…….Uh how would you monitize that one? I don’t even want to think about it

    I am out of the .info market at the moment. But I do like the pellet stove domain for sure. I am seeing better prices for the .infos. They seem to be very hot at Bido.

    Have a good day.

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