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BP Caps Well and Quietly Turn Rick Schwartz’s Hand Reg Domains Into Pigeon Droppings

As BP FINALLY caps this whole mess in the gulf you can hear one set of cheers and a door closing.  Rick Schwartz recently entertained and taught us with his recent hand registers that seemed to be a whole barrel of oil spill related domains.  Ironically as the capped well takes the spill out of the headlines in the next few weeks and the traffic dwindles to nothing, Rick will be receiving a personal invitation to the “pigeon shit” club that everyone else is a member of.

Whether you agree with the bp trademark registers or not is not important.  He gave you a little taste of how to make money on current events and and a glimpse of how they usually end. You make your money when you can and then compost up the shit and move on. As I’ve always said, there are a million ways to make money in domaining but one thing always remains true. In order to get the grow a good crop of domains you have to add a little shit to the soil.

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7 Replies to “BP Caps Well and Quietly Turn Rick Schwartz’s Hand Reg Domains Into Pigeon Droppings”

  1. I was surprised when Rick regged those since they had the BP letters in the domains.

    What was he thinking?

  2. Actually it will probably be years before they actually dry up. I have already made more than my entire investment back. I bought about 150 domains for $1200. So every penny from here on out is gravy and as you point out, proves it still can be done and the road map how to do it.

    The domains are making $20-$30 a day now consistently. Hit $100 a couple times. But most of the domains are targeted for the cleanup and restoration which can easily be 20 years. The payouts are astronomical and growing. While I targeted some immediate need type domains, I also put most of my $$$ on the long term aspects of the cleanup, jobs and the lawsuits etc. that I will blog about in the future.

    We all have “Pigeon Shit” in out portfolios. Only difference is I let my pigeon shit drop without trying to sell them cuz no way do I want to try to make money from those crappy domains. That’s different than those that run around touting a worthless appraisal on their pigeon shit and trying to sell them to other domainers as something they are not.

    And yes, there will always be a lot of ways to make money in domaining. But for those that once believed that hand registered type in domains were dead, they have now been proven dead wrong! The world is not flat and things move and change and keeping up with the universe is the #1 way to mine type in domain names and START with a positive cash flow.

    1. Thanks Rick for the comment. Shows two things. There is still money to be had hand regging but also shows that you have to know how to monetize them as well.

  3. I’m still questioning the domain community on what’s a “vulture purchase” to a legit and proper tea invitation in buying domains? I called out Rick’s BP oil spill domains as taking advantage of a very bad situation, (I bet that with the domains Rick invested in for $1200 as he states in his comment, haven’t made $5,000. Wait, what if they made $20,000? Is this now a good investment, kind of like running a mortuary?)

    It would be interesting to start a conversation on where the line is drawn from exploitation of tragic events, and simple “domains with answers to bad problems”. Morally, there’s a broad expanse of ice to cross – thin or thick.

    What I’m still asking for from Rick is specific domains he paints as “pigeon shit” domains. Many top domainers have labeled Rick’s BP oil spill domains as “pigeon shit”, and I’m sure this term is not going away soon.

    I hope Rick’s Florida domaining buddies aren’t down on their beachfront with gloves and trashbags, and hopefully a rescue veterinarian team for the damaged animals and sand from oil tarballs landing on their valuable property. At least Rick’s domaining buddies can feel good about Rick making some jing off those tarballs and oil-soaked pelicans!

    Still, I ask myself, “Were Rick’s domain purchases just heartless cheap buys in hopes of making money he didn’t need based on the suffering of millions of natural life, ocean based, and people who depend on pristine waters? Or were his purchases just objective needs to be filled, no emotion, no shame, we’ve come to clean the blood off the walls after this family was massacred in a home invasion?”

    I haven’t yet formed a final opinion on what constitutes an “ethical moral” domain purchase line that shouldn’t be crossed by professional domainers.

  4. Making a profit by regging domains in relation with the disaster of others is the garantie of the disaster of the domaining industry.

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