Domain Spotlight: Promotes Site By Building World’s Largest Cupcake

cakesI can’t think of a better way to promote your generic domain name/company than breaking a world record. That’s exactly what the people at did.  According to their press release

The cupcake’s final weight was measured at 150.7 pounds, including 15 pounds of fudge filling and 60 pounds of yellow icing. It stood 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. A candle topped the creation, bringing the total height to 4 feet. The cupcake’s final size yielded 1,500 servings.

“I am pleased to welcome this fun and creative achievement into the Guinness World Records family,” said Danny Girton, Jr., Guinness World Records(TM) adjudicator. “Only three percent of all record attempts are successful. Considering that this is’s first record attempt this achievement is even more remarkable.”

“This is a thrill and an honor for,” said Jamie Miller, “This accomplishment would not be possible without the support of our event partners Cub Foods, Best Brands, and Signature Brands. Along with our pastry chef JodiLee Knops, they collaborated to make this record a reality.”

The cupcake was created as part of the Mall’s celebration of SpongeBob SquarePants’ 10th anniversary. Mall visitors were able to view the cupcake in the Best Buy Rotunda, where the cupcake sat atop a tower containing 2,500 iced cupcakes. Cupcakes were given away throughout the day, and visitors were invited to customize their own cupcake at one of the “decoration stations” set up in the rotunda.

I am thinking of doing something similar with my website   Or maybe not

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