Jan 05 2016

I still get a Chinese language email offer nearly every day for at least one of my 4L or 4i .com names, but where I have really seen a spike in offers is for my 4i .net names.  I get a few of these every day now, but the offer prices have risen only marginally.  The volume of 4i.nets trading hands has been higher over the past few days (see bonus image).

Google translate is awesome, but it sure does kick out some funny translations.  Here is the last sentence from an offer I got today:  “You can also add me to go into details, I wish you a happy family, disturb hope and understanding!”  Maybe it should have translated as undisturbed hope?  I don’t know.

What types of names are you getting the most offers for from Chinese investors?



Most of the descriptions are easily understood, but just in case there are questions:
N = Numeric
I = Initial (a letter not including a,e,i,o,u,v)
C = Character (any number or letter)


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  1. Steve

    Lots of offers for and Always decent offers over 1k. Way better than the North American offers for $20 for names that appraise over $60k+. Go China!!

    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      I got several offers for my names in the middle part of december, but haven’t heard much regarding them lately.

  2. Robert

    I keep getting lowball RMB offers, but the translations keep me amused

    I was a kid to play with little strong to say you have 1000 to sell it? Want to sell, please add qq

    and $ 1300 USD / each or (8500 RMB RMB / each)
    If you sell please tell me. If you shot, please tell me.
    Sincerely we hope to respond directly, or leave your Q, Q or micro signal.
    The price is right or need to adjust the first time we will contact and conduct transactions without ink!
    brother: hello, I am a broker small west,
    there are a lot of friends have a crush on your domain name,
    if sell you please leave your contact details or reply to me,
    we can further conversation, thank you!
    we are really hope you will reply for our Email!

  3. Andy

    I got this offer for a 20 year old domain this week from a well known U.S. domainer:

    >According to current market prices at domain auction websites,
    > your domain which is classified as a 3-letter .net domain are currently
    > going for $500 for the domains beginning with letter P. I can pay $500
    > and i’ll also cover any fees so that you’ll receive $500 net.
    > You also would not be losing the 15% – 20% commission that the domain
    > auction websites take.

    I hold long term so I love getting offers from these guys. Hilarious jokes that come through my email weekly!

    Do these guys not know that this hurts our industry more than anything. Downright misinformation and mistrust. If you own domains, please keep up to date with the trends and know what your portfolio is worth. Don’t let parasites have your domains for a song.

    Short domains are gold, boys. Treat them as such.

    Thanks Shane, Aaron, Josh and Travis for the service you provide. I’ve bought some domains from your links to GD and will continue to do so.

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