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Complete List of Dot Gov Domains Now Available: Your Tax Dollars At Work at and More

Whether your curious or actually need to find information, the US Government released this month a complete list (minus subdomains) of every dot gov domain.  It’s an extensive list I and I can only imagine how much money is being spent to update and maintain all these websites. Ironically, the purpose of the release three weeks ago was to present to the public all the dot gov sites and their purpose.  Many of the names simply redirect to other sites. There are also many many subdomains within each site that are not listed.  If you read the comments section by clicking on the top right hand side you’ll see the discussion about trying to better organize the entire dot gov domain program.  They even make an open request to coders to write a script that will display all the subdomains as well. You would think the government would be able to pull something like this off pretty easily.  We can write a program to guide a missile down a chimney from 3000 miles away but we can’t have someone write a script that tells how many subdomains are under administration by the government?

Here are some of the more interesting domains they use. Really Indians?  I thought we stopped using that term a while ago.  Surprised they don’t still have A place to buy that Smokey the Bear eraser you’ve been looking for.  Hard to figure out what they are trying to do but claim they will be making it into an E-Commerce site to sell National Symbols merchandise I actually found this very useful.  As a plant grower and buyer it’s full of great data.  It may also help in my corn and bean trading as well. A little disappointing. Not one high definition movie in the whole site Whether you approve or are against the defense spending, this is certainly a great place to gather data. I immediately went and unplugged everything in my house (actually a very nice site) Not a site for people born in July but a comprehensive cancer site. Great info if you’re building a mini site about the subject. List of homes that the government is selling.  I didn’t even realize they sold houses. Ironically the web services site looks like it was made in 1995

Here is a complete list

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