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Crowd Valuation Results and New Names

The results are in and we weren’t too far off.  Below are the mean prices (I took out the high and low prices)  after 14 or so crowd evaluators put their two cents in. …$2100

The actual result was $1575….but it didn’t meet reserve.

Raymond aka HybridDomainer was closest at $1600 and wins the first award which at this time is only a mention and a big hug to be given at a later date  $1945

I am the owner of that name but not looking to sell at $2K but I do think that is a fair auction price.  Heck, I may auction it soon if I have other names that I see more fit for a buildout.

Again these prices are what we thought it would go for at a Namejet or Godaddy auction. What I call a “liquid” price.  Liquidity to me is important as that represents how much money you could put in your pocket if you needed cash quickly.  Above that is not guaranteed and requires waiting and negotiation.

While I’m not going to do this every day, I thought I go ahead and try another set of names just to keep it going.  If you would like your name crowd priced then email me with your names and I may put them up on the next post. I have 5 people send me names for this list.

The first name is a name at Godaddy that is ending soon and the second is a privately owned name that I picked

With all the “Tough Mudder” and other Warrior races this has some value. How much?  

I took this one off of Dnforum.  A always does well at auction but with this one sounding like “mister” how much more value does it have


I’ll start it off  $1200  $11,000


On a side note:  I know of at least two people that used the 99 cent Godaddy promo code to register crowd valuation, crowd pricing or similar names.  Glad I could help 🙂


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  1. Shane- MR=Mitt Romney plus….

    You might get a bite if you get the word out that is for sale, especially to @mr on Twitter. It’s as easy as sending a tweet starting with @mr which will ensure he sees it. he also has

    You might also contact this firm- I believe they’ve acquired some things to be merged into a new entity called MR and redirect

    the term has meaning in their space: MR sensor developed by NEC is integrated circuits in a small package with higher sensitivity and better stability for a magneto-resistive sensor compared with ordinary one.
    It operates excellent performance for position and rotation detection due to non-contact type sensor, and it outputs a digital signal through the state of art ICs.
    NEC’s MR sensors are of outstanding performance and of easy handling at user site, and are widely employed for various products such as cellular phones, Laptop PCs, hot water supplies, gas-meters, etc.

    There are celebs who are also easily reached by twitter
    Molly Ringwald
    Mickey Rourke
    Meg Ryan
    Mary Lou Retton
    Michael Richards

  2. Sorry 😀 I recall selling for a paltry $1,060 in 2007, now that was a deal. Times have changed, this is a $10k-$15k domain.

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