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Crowd Valuation: What do think this name is worth?

I know, I know. A domain name is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. When I evaluate a name I base the price on what it would sell for at an auction at Namejet or Godaddy. I call it the “liquid price” The price will go up from there if sold to an enduser but that is a matter of waiting until the right person comes around. I need to know what I can get for it today. For today’s game I’m going to post two names. One is a Namejet name and one is a private name, today I used mine until I’ve received more via email. I’d like to hear what you think the price of each is. After a while we’ll know who the better price valuators of the readers are. Feel free to EMAIL me with a name you want crowd priced and put PRICE ME in the subject. Please don’t post your name in the comments. Only what you think the two names would sell for at auction. I’ll list high, low, average, mean price tomorrow morning and will try and do this on a regular basis in my Big List. Here are the two names. (namejet name)

I’ll start with my thoughts.  $2600 for Pool and $1400 for Jacket

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  1. $1250 tops. Because NJ bidders are “smart” (cheap). $2500.

    Now, this is not what the names are worth, but just what they’d sell at an auction. Why not set up both with an affiliate merchant account?

    1. Anticareer,

      Yeah, I cheated a little on this one because it already has that bid and it still has time left. That’s what this is all about. Seeing what we all think the liquid value is and comparing it to what it really goes for.

  2. $1600
    Is it Jacket or Jackets ? I know you wrote Jacket but commenters are putting “Jackets” sold for $1100 on Namejet in March. I will go $1475

  3. After shelling out $800 for an all goretex rain jacket and pant, I could see how could be valuable to the right end-user/distributor.

    $6,500-7,500 1,700

  4. —> I have no idea what it’s worth, I don’t deal with .Net’s and .Org’s —-> $850

  5. Looks like your post inspired someone today, Shane.

    I usually don’t check up on random domains, but when I saw this post I thought – wow, what a great, brandable name. There is crowd funding, but no crowd valuation. So I did a whois on “” and this is what I found:

    Created: 2012-12-27

    I can’t believe this domain wasn’t picked up until today 😉

  6. – 3000 – 900

    if you pay more, you are a sucka

    this is a good promotion for someones names shane. i predict a future series of blog posts

    1. Richard,

      I’ve had quite a few people sending in names for valuation. I think it could be a good learning opportunity. A chance to see what others think combined with a name that has a real result to compare it to.

  7. Well I’m going cheat a bit: Last time sold was 11 months ago for $1495. I’ll say it goes for $1850. $1100

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