CSC’s January New gTLD Utilization Report; .Global Enters the ‘Alternative Top 10’ List

Feb 23 2016

Online brand protection company CSC regularly produces their new gTLD Utilization Report, which looks both at .brand and generic new gTLD’s. In their words, the report,

is designed to update digital marketers and their peers in legal and IT about how new gTLDs are being adopted. We examine how .brand domains are being used and how effectively the new generic TLDs are penetrating the Alexa TM top one million websites (a potential indicator for TLD utilization)”.

Their most recent January 2016 report begins with a discussion of 94 “active” .brand domains, up from 75 in their December 2015 report. “Active” in this case are those extensions with five or more domains registrations. The 94 active extensions is still less than one third of the 322 .brand TLDs which have been delegated.

The report’s generic new gTLD section highlights 7,706 new gTLD sites in the Alexa top 1 million rankings, which is up 16% from CSC’s December report.

The .Global extension cracked the top 10 of the report’s “Alternative Top 10”, which takes into account both the number of registrations for the TLD, as well as the number of sites from the TLD which have an Alexa rank. This results in a ranking more reliant on utilization and trust, compared to shear registration volume alone. You can see the rankings both by volume and the Alternative Top 10 in the graphic below.

csc ranking

The full CSC report can be found here.

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