Daily SitePicks: Tuesday’s Hot List of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net

Jun 26 2012



As I do every week I’ve gone through Flippa and picked out some “value” from the sites up for auction.  They aren’t necessarily the best sites up for auction but they are sites I think you can get a quick return or build a little and flip again.  As usual, do your own due diligence as there are thousands of sites that fresh made just to sell.  I look for some age and history of income.  Anyone can sell potential. I’d much rather see how someone else tried to reach it and then figure out if I can hold it or reach even more of it. Here is today’s list.


JunkMetal.com  Might be one of my favorite sites in the last month.  Not because of the plain design but because of the ease of running a directory site. I probably don’t need to tell you but scrap metal prices are still going strong and scrap yards are popping up all over.  Unfortunately with the high prices comes theft but let’s concentrate on the positive.  This site is 3 years old and is a directory of scrap sites around the US. Steady income and traffic which is verified at 2500 uniques a month and just under $200 income.  Pretty plain site so a little SEO and better articles and I think you could do well with this one.

HotGiYP.com  Ok maybe I like this one a little more.  Stands for Hot Girls in Yoga Pants. I have to say I personally enjoyed looking this one over.  Evidently others do as well because it gets good traffic.  Per most sites like this, tough to generate profits as most people just come to look so its not making any money.  With 24,000 uniques a month you think you could squeeze something out of it.   Would be fun to work on butt I think I’m going to leave this one to you guys

ROFLCat.com  My daughter wants me to buy this one.  A funny cat site that is older than Icanhazcheezburger.com  but not quite as popular.  Gets decent traffic with 34,000 uniques and an impressive 220,000 pageviews.  These types of sites are always hard to monetize but its making $100 or so a month.  If you look at the bottom of the sites you’ll see the owner has a whole group of similar sites in different niches that he will be selling. You could essentially buy a network of comedy sites.  Nothing original here but if you want established traffic then this would be a good head start. And funny cat pictures aren’t going anywhere.  People have loved them since the first day the Internet started


Obese.net  No website just a user base of billions of people.

Spayot.com This isn’t a recommendation on a site but rather to show you what to look out for. As a person that follows the auctions of domain names I’m pretty sure I remember this name being offered for sale at either Namejet or Godaddy. Again not 100% positive but the point is still the same. The age of the domain is independent of the age of the site. The domain in this case has a lot of age. It was registered in 1992. It DOES have a pr4 which alone has some value. That by itself has its own value and when bidding on a site like this don’t get the quality of the site and the age of the domain mixed. In many cases you can get the site and the domain for less than you could get the domain but most overpay because they see the aged domain and think the site is also older. In this case the price is fair but my guess it will go much higher.

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