Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-26-12

Jun 26 2012

I’ve been talking to local media about advertising on their mobile platforms.  I have been looking at everyone’s stats here locally and they are increasing tenfold every month but the media companies don’t have a clue how to monetize it other than banner at top or bottom.  I think there is a good opportunity to get some cheap ads and make them click through by being creative and surprising the users with seeing us at the bottom. I am going to try using pop up flowers and other pretty things to draw their attention.  Not your tradition local car ad or heating and air ad.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Now on to today’s names.  PS if you like Chinese names you’ll like 4.cn names for today.

ShittyGolfers.com Love this one. Great brand or even just an email

Zulin.com  $31,000 is still far away from the reserve.  A popular name but I’m sure there’s more too it at this price

EraseDebt.com  I wish you could just erase it.  I wrote most of mine in pen so I had to throw away the paper instead of erase it

GreatPhone.com We now care more about what phonewe have than what car we drive. (I made that statistic up but could be true)

OMGs.com  My daughters language is now valuable .   Man am I old

324.com  For those of you that like (and can afford)  the NNN.coms

ZXD.com  We saw a bunch of these sell on NameJet.  Let’s see how they do on 4.cn

XFlix.com I would imagine that NetFlix is the driver here but at $1600 it’s not a cheap knockoff name

InnovativeEnergy.com We are just in the beginning of energy resale. While I don’t see them becoming as popular as cloud names, they certainly have increased in value lately

Mattresses.org It’s certainly tougher to set up a store on a dot org but this is a HUGE keyword so if it can be done, this is as good of a name as any.

CVOE.com  My guess is that this would get a bit of typo traffic from CBOE (options exchange)

WiYe.com  I don’t like this one as much as others because it fails the radio test miserably

 RapidForce.com  Five days ago I thought I wouldn’t have any other bidders against me.  I guess a few people saw this nice brand

ThinkDisk.com Great brand for a storage or drive manufacturer

Tubr.com  Bathtub affiliate programs pay very well.  Actually I don’t have any idea if there is such thing as a bathtub affiliate program but since they have programs for everything now there probably is

GameBunny.com I’d hop on this one.  It’s a great brand. Sorry


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  1. John

    The picture ads should do well is my bet
    The better looking the pic, the better click thru one will get
    Let us know how it goes

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