DN.com Email “Will be back soon” ,Down for Requirements of the Government

Mar 14 2016

I just received this email from DN.com two minutes ago.  I talked to a customer service rep 2 weeks ago and she had almost flawless English. This looks like it was computer generated.  The email does make reference to “requirements of the government” and “modifying the entity” Whatever the hell that means.


“Dear Clients,

Last week, DN.com website was temporary closed for modifying the entity, and for the requirements of the government, the website will remain closed for several days more. Please keep informed that admin.dn.com is available to you with all functions. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] and we shall serve you timely.

Due to the sudden change, we have received many inquiries and concerns, thank you for all your support and love to DN.com. Once entity modification is completed, DN.com will be back on.

Spring is the time for giving birth to the newborns, DN.com is also gaining momentum for a new start. Let’s wait patiently and expect DN.com’s new return. Thanks again!

Warmly Regards,

DN.com Team”

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  1. Echo

    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for letting us know about your concerns, please understand that we’re working every second figuring out a way to deliver normal service. So the lasted status might change during the process, and we’re sorry for the confusions, but DN.com is back to normal now! Please feel free to speak or email us if there is any thing we could help you with. And about the weird English skills, I’m soooo sorry. As English is not our native language, sometimes our English part of the brain could get a short circuit. That’s really awkward, please forgive us for it. Thanks! //Echo

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