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Domain Investors Are Truly A Worldwide Group: A Look At The DS Stats

I was browsing through my stats yesterday to see who and where readers are coming from and what I found surprised me.

I realize that domain investors come from around the world but I am always amazed how they come from almost every corner of the globe.  We often talk about making a few hundred dollars on a domain and dismiss it as chicken scratch but for many people this chicken scratch is much more than they can make working for someone else. The average salary for an employee in India is $6300 a year.  Domain investing can certainly provide a nice bit of extra income for all but it might mean a bit more to some. The location and amount of people you can reach with a website is incredible.  Take a look at some of the cities of the people that read Domain Shane yesterday

Manchester UK

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Cracow, Poland

Lollar, Germany

Porirua,  New Zealand

Hlohovec, Trnava  Slovakia

Madrid, Spain

lle-de-France, Paris, France

Tiszajvros, Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen  Hungary

Tel-Aviv   Israel

Santiago, Chile

Seoul,  South Korea

Dubai, UAE

Manilla,  Philippines

Jakarta, Indonesia

Maribor, Slovenia

Wallarobba, Australia

Shanghai, China (good to see I’m not blocked)

San Jos, Columbia

Stockholm, Sweeden

Kaunas, Lithuania

Zurich, Switzerland

And these were just a sample out of 150 of the most recent visitors.  It’s a great reminder of how vast the Internet is.  How many billions of people you reach by simply having a domain and some content.  The opportunity is endless.

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