Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Selections

Jul 26 2011

I’ve actually been scanning my list of wanted dot co to see which are dropping and there are plenty that are about to become available.  I’m not buying to flip but rather to develop.  They are almost all product domains.  Products I already sell.  There is one particular name I really have my eyes on and would have paid a few hundred dollars for but looks like I’ll only have to pay renewal.  I still have to wait a little while and let it go through the system.  It’s going to be an interested process to see how this all develops.  Now onto the names.

Hongo.com I love this 5L.com but unfortunately so do 78 other bidders

SittingPretty.com A common term to describe a being in a good place or situation.  “I recently got paid for a domain and now I’m sitting pretty”

DomainWell.com I only point it out because you guys are domain domain freaks.  This one is an easy logo as well.

DomainFront.com See above

InventorySoftware.net Big keywords here

Established.org Great name and perfect for the dot org

Pending.org Not a big fan but I hate things in limbo

Admitted.org College Finder?

SpyHunter.com I remember it as a video game in the 80s

SKorea.com aka South Korea. For those not into geos  Skorea.com which isn’t quite as appealing

OrangeWeb.com You’ll remember this name

Names found using Dropday.com

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  1. John S

    Re: SKorea,
    There are a lot of companies and products that use the S in their marketing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up as a business domain rather than a geo.
    Those bidders should be looking at S.com in Koren IDN 🙂

    I like Admitted.org, too. A great name for a business that gets students into top schools. Call to action with the dot org trust factor.

  2. Jason

    Interesting dot org domains. Admitted.org would be a good case study site to show how many college students are not being admitted due to budget issues.

    Glad I dropped a few hundred thousand on earning my degrees to realize that you don’t need education to deliver your goals to fruition. For the most part, I already knew what I wanted to do 17 years ago. I didn’t need education to accomplish the goal.

    Admitted.org is a good student loans site to trick people in consolidating their federal loans and then expect students to make their payments even before graduating – no 6 months grace period. And also charging them interest on subsidized loans due to telling students to consolidate in order to save. Did I miss anything? Admitted.org is the perfect student site? lol

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