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Jun 26 2014

If you see something on this list that you’d like to make an offer on, use the contact form and I’ll get it to the owner to start the conversation. If you’d like to see your name on next week’s list let us know.
  (Auction) Great that really could be a brand for anything but would be especially fitting for anything water sport related.  The reserve is very reasonable. Will be a steal for someone if they get it right above reserve IMO.  19 years old and 60,000 plus searches for Log Cabins each month.  Log cabins used to be built out of necessity now people are building them because they love the style and are spending hundreds of thousand to get it.

FM.Tv   (Make Offer)  Not only a two letter dot TV but the ultimate name for music and video.  When Apple takes over the TV, custom channel names will be in high demand.  Better yet, has standard renewal fees.  (Make Offer)  Rooftop farming and gardening is growing in popularity.  Go to Chicago and you’ll see that pretty much every building in the city has some type of garden on top.  Millions of google results for rooftop farming (Auction)  Nice that could be used for many different things but leans towards adult with all the Xs.  Already doing well and deservedly so (Auction) is at $55,000 and closing today.   Even a few percentage of that makes this a valuable name. $3K   Another that could be used for marketing so many things.  From racing to senior care (OK that might not be the best name for that). But is very memorable and easy to say and spell. $3K  Solid marketing name for a homebuilder.  With the homebuilding market heating back up people are finally starting to build again.  And what they are looking for is a custom built home.  &  ($5K for both)  Everyone uses the Internet to find food and when you think of good food you think of California and New York.  Washington gives you both DC and the state.  Perfect names for a build out  (Auction) I was surprised that there are over a million results on Google for picctures.  $100 will get you those results  (Auction) A few years ago this was worth thousands.  Maybe Digg will make a comeback and there will be value here


And of course some of our names up for sale   (Auction) Memorable, short name that would be the perfect name for someone that wants to sell seeds online.  Would also be a great startup funding name. (Auction)  Previously used as a app creation site, is a short, 17 year old, memorable brand.  Can be used for anything but would make a great Children’s brand.  (Auction)  13 year old domain.  Short and memorable name that would make a nice brand for a fitness or male enhancement company. (Auction)  18 years old years old.  Makes a few hundred a year in parking revenue.  Could make tens of thousands if built out.

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