4.cn Completes 13 Sales Over $500,000 and Four Over $1 Million in the Last Two Months

bannerAdThese aren’t in RMB but US Dollars.  You’ve read some of my regular posts on how 4.cn is killing it in the short and numeric market.  Looks like the Chinese market is more than just numbers with Game.com changing hands for over a million dollars.  They were also part of the recent sale of MM.com for $1.2 million  announced by Dave Evanson of Sedo several days ago.  While I can’t share the total sales volume for 4.cn I can say that it has been even greater than the reported monthly sales of Sedo.   Take a look at some of the higher priced sales over the last two months at 4.cn .  All prices given to me directly from 4.cn  (there you go Mike)


game.com    (more than $1,000,000)
33.com   (more than $1,000,000)
mm.com    $1,200,000
ww.com    $1,050,000
13.com    (more than $500,000)
72.com    (more than $500,000)
touzi.com   (“invest” in Chinese)    (more than $500,000)
bj.com   (more than $500,000)
49.com   (more than $500,000)
700.com    (more than $500,000)
vg.com    (more than $500,000)
388.com    (more than $500,000)
daikuan.com    (“loan” in Chinese)    (more than $500,000)



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  1. Astonishing numbers…

    Goes to show that domain names and domaining will become the envy of titan corporations, such as Google for years to come; they will all join us. I hope they work us into the food chain instead of assuming that we are not sophisticated business men and women.

  2. What source you have regarding WW.com price? This sale was reported as private one… Is the price you listed verified?

  3. How easy have you found it to sell a name on the platform if they are at GoDaddy?
    Nice writeup

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