Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, December 1st, 2017

Dec 01 2017


This could possibly be the worst list I’ve had in a couple years.  There is hardly anything for auction today.  It took me just as long to go through as any list but I had nothing to type out.  I’m sure Ategy will write a four page comment about all the names he finds but his names are generally not so good (sorry man, tough love).   For one, it’s a time of year that have less registrations to expire. Two, people are picking up that names have value so more renewals.  Feel free to click on the names anyway.  And to make up for the lacking I have a joke for you today.

2 men were walking down the street when they saw a dog licking himself. One man said “I wish I could do that.” the other man said “you should probably just pet him first.   

And since it was short, one more

A small island in the Atlantic Ocean everyone on the island is black except one white guy who is a scientist. The chief of the island walks up to the scientist and says: My wife just had a child and its white. Scientist starts panicking and says its genetics. He gives the chief and example with sheep, you see those sheep over there, all of the sheep are white except one black one. The chief looks at the scientist and says: Ok i’ll be quite about the baby if you don’t mention the sheep.

Here are today’s names. Click for current price

Quote of the Day: Stocks fluctuate, next question”  Alan Greenberg CEO of Bear Sterns after the 1987 crash

Domain of the Day:  Single word brand for under $50


Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction     14 bids at $130.   Some good comps for advisor names   We all know dogs are all that they do.   I can’t imagine tigers, parrots and zebras are on the list   One of the better coin names I’ve seen this month.  See what I did there   Going to be a pain remedy site or a tons of videos of kids hitting their balls on the rail while skateboarding    Works from me but evidently not for most. Met reserve  You know how I know its a good name?  Taryn is high bidder  Great saving and investment name

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   The kind of name that has a ton of places that already share the name and perfect for a new brand because it can mean anything    Not sure how software and brewing go together but it has age and bids so somebody has the answer. And its 21 years old   20 year old   Chinese are drooling over this one   I capitalized it like a pronounceable but really just an acronym    1998 domain. 48 bids but getting a better price than I expected for a dot org    Good marketing name.  Memorable and defines   I will certainly say its memorable and media names sell very well  Bids have hit four figures   This one is going to do very very well

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids   Coin name and its crazy how every single coin name is getting great bids (doesn’t belong in this category but needed this here to write the next line)  Speaking of coin names.  Only 4 bidders at $250 on this cc crypto currency name  Yeah I wish  Nobody has time to sit down and shop anymore   Some fantastic hiking in California  Not a ton of value but $12 and sounds like a tech name

Godaddy Names With Bids

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me Shane, or Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. Ategy

    Challenge accepted .. lol .. I’ll try to limit this to under “4 pages”! 😉
    (ADDED: You were right .. post was too long .. need to split it up .. lol)
    First of all .. seems you agreed that list I send you earlier this summer of some of the domains I got were pretty good buys for the prices I got them at .. and I’m even pickier/better now than I was then .. lol .. although I’ve had (a small number of) domains forever (for potential development), I’ve only been buying as a domainer for a little over a year now .. I’ve learned a lot over that time (a lot thanks to you, the guys here and on Sherpa) .. so yeah my portfolio as a whole is a little mixed as I did indeed buy more domains at the start when my standards weren’t as high.
    Most important thing to consider with my lists .. is that unlike you who is now focusing on “premium-ier” domains, I am buying what I consider cheap “value” domains .. combined that with the VERY important fact that I do not have “paid affiliate links” going to GoDaddy .. and so indeed I do hold back about 25% of the best names on my “private” list. Today for example my “private” list has 111 domains .. of which I’ve marked 32 as potential value buys *IF* they get no more bid (many hopefully go to closeout). None of those 32 are on my “public” NamePros list (I shared 33 with no bids + 32 with bids = 65 .. so only half of my private list).
    Plus more than half of my “private” 32 are “don’t even consider until $5 closeout”. Which leaves about 15 domains I’m seriously considering. At actual decision time I do a final analysis if the domain is really worth holding (which actually eliminates about half again). So while my official public lists seem “meh” .. the ones I’m actually buying are about 3 levels of personal filtration above what you see (down to almost 2 per day on average now)! 😉

  2. Ategy

    Part 2 .. Here are a few from the “bottom” of my list today just to give an idea .. most (possibly all) are on my public NP list already (please feel free to tag them and add them to your list so your get the GD affiliate links from DSAD) .. Some have bids (I would have considered them at $11 .. but not at the $$ they will likely sell at):
    CraveWell // dot com – This is going to end up a Chinese eCommerce site like “BangGood”
    ShipMyPackage // dot com – No .. not THAT package!
    ePay // dot org
    RiskInstitute // dot org – Tons of $$ in risk management that it could overcome the org
    HikeCalifornia // dot com
    CandyBean // dot com – 1 bid .. I really like this on for some reason
    BullSt // dot com – Stockmarket related
    OverGood // dot com
    DroidHero // dot com – 1 bid now but .. will likely go too high for my liking.
    420Certification // dot com – For Drew
    Tivav // dot com – 5L that passes radio test.
    PeakGuide // dot com – “Sherpa” related
    HypeGenius // dot com – PR firm
    OptiTrader // dot com
    LoopVine // dot com
    MollyWorld // dot net – I’m really staying away from .net unless “tech” related. (and even then rarely)
    PoleDiva // dot com – Adult
    In my public NP lists I specify in my “disclaimer” that all names listed are my “leftovers” .. lol. Also note that sometimes I add names to my personal list just to see what happens. I’m still trying to learn as much as I can about the wholesale auctions and markets.

  3. Ategy

    Part 3 …
    For obvious reasons I won’t share the most recent domains because they aren’t yet in my account (can’t wait for the big change at GoDaddy next week), but here’s most of the names I grabbed in November …
    … ALL at closeout (meaning $5 to $11) .. an ALL dot com (aside from the 3 noted) :
    RewardPoints // dot // org
    NameBrands // dot // org
    Burgundy // dot // co
    As a domainer I bought 3 names at auction in all of November .. one at $40 and the other 2 at $17 (I’ll let you guess which .. lol):
    AmericanHealers // dot // com
    Uppio // dot // com
    PokerProxy // dot // com
    The only domain I paid more than $60 in the last 2 months was:
    DirtyBrands // dot // com (only a touch more $, but got it for my adult names)
    PlatinumWallet // dot // com (which I still got very cheap IMO .. lol)
    So yeah .. I’ll agree .. lol .. by default (almost) NONE of the names on my NamePros list are good enough for me to buy (at the current/likely price when I make my list) .. but my standards have gotten much higher than when I started and I’m buying much less .. so some of the overflow some people find useful. I do plan on eventually starting my own “real” blog .. so much of this is just setting a routine and testing things out. My posts get a lot of views, but don’t get a lot of “Likes/Thanks”, so I’m not sure if that’s because people are shy, or if it’s due to spiders? When I eventually make the switch to my own site I’ll definitely post better names because the click-throughs will matter. Before that I need to focus more on outbound and just getting all my stuff better organised .. as I think I’ve mentioned, outside world stuff has really thrown an unexpected kink things for me personally.
    It also should be noted that for the most part I do not post the obvious domains with lots of bids (or even add them to my own list_ already unless it truly is a killer name (I’m posting a bit more of these .. but until recently I posted virtually none as people could just go to Godaddy and search for names with bids easily)

  4. Ategy

    Part 4 …
    That being said .. I’ll agree .. my own personal lists have been pretty dry as well .. specifically the last week and a bit as I think registrations have been likely very low in previous years around American Thanksgiving.
    In my first year I’ve also certainly noticed cycles .. both in terms of quality/volume of names hitting expiration .. and also in terms of competition .. there are some days that even crap names that don’t make it past my first filter go for multiple bids … and other days where I snap some of the best names for $12 or even closeout if I’m willing to take the risk of losing it to another closeout sniper or a bot. This is where the consistency and hard work pays off … names that “should” have gone for high $xx or even $xxx that you snag at closeout because the competition took the day off or slept in or was taking a pee! If you do this every day over a year you will DEFINITELY get good names that slip through the craps for cheap. Even if those only represent a tiny tiny fraction of overall names, you don’t need too many to start to build a nice little portfolio.
    Finally .. the beauty of domaining is that there are soooo many domains .. even looking at the same lists we’re all going to find different names … mainly because of our person experiences and knowledge .. but also simply because sometimes going through the lists is damn tedious and it’s easy to miss some good names because our eyes/brain fail us! lol
    Next time you all go on vacation or need a day off, I’ll post my full list to share. Will be hard to share the best ones I salivate over .. but I’ll try for one day .. eventually I’ll have to do it if I want serious traffic to my own lists/blog (when/if ever I find the time for that .. lol). At some point I’ll forward you some of my “daily watch sheets” .. you’ll see it’s not that so bad .. 😉
    OK .. I think that was only 3.9 pages! 😉
    (In all fairness looking back I think the only reason my first post didn’t go through is because I didn’t hash // out some of the domain names .. lol)

    1. Ategy

      Thanks .. lol .. Me too .. specifically considering the prices I bought them at .. but in Shane’s defence .. some of my earlier domains weren’t as strong. And obviously the ones I publicly list are nowhere near as strong as the “private” names I’m hoping to buy cheap.
      More importantly he’s still giving me the best advice because I really should not be buying any more domains until I have the time to really be organised with the sales side of things. Let me be clear .. I’ve had a few good sales .. but I’m still in the red .. although I’ve done zero outbound to date .. and have been miserable unorganised and last minute with my wholesale auction attempts.
      At about 1800 I really have too many domains than I can effectively manage given I have a “real world” job and have had a few unexpected life hiccups seriously messing up the plans I had when I started.

      1. Post author

        Love it. Ategy added 37,000 more words from our site to Google’s index each day. You know I’m just playing. Keep up the good work. 1800 mean you need to sell $20K each year just to keep up with renewal. Add in some need for the purchase of new names and you need a lot more than that. Josh proves it can be done

        PS your closeout names are names from the last couple of days. I don’t go through names again to see what went to closeout. Travis recaps our list and lists whether or not it is still available at closeout

      2. Ategy

        37,000 words? lol .. Yup .. content is king (even more than .com)
        For closeouts I don’t actually need to go through my list again because I go through the lists directly in GoDaddy and favorite them there .. so future days when I download my watchlist they are there already and all I need to do is sort by price ($12+ = auction, $11- = closeout) .. if someone did buy them before that, they simply disappear from the list .. so no extra work at all aside from doing 2 quick sorts in excel. 🙂
        Shane .. when I say I get them at “$11 closeout” .. generally it means shortly after the auction ends .. closeout snipping as it’s known as to some .. so same day as the auction .. not the next day .. *IF* I wait .. then it’s generally a few more days when it hits $5 .. you’d be surprised that quite a few good names even make it that far .. but again .. “quite a few” to me still means a very small tiny fraction compared to all the domains expiring on any given day.
        I just take the risk that someone else might also be snipping and get it faster than I do. But on the other hand .. if I place a $12 bid .. then there’s the risk somebody else will see the domain and take the price much higher. Whether I bid $12 before the auction ends or wait for $11 really depends on a few things .. mainly domain quality .. but also how the day is going .. if I see a lot of domains going through then I’ll risk grabbing it at $11 closeout .. but if it’s a domain I really want and see a lot of action .. then I might make a $12 bid and risk paying more if it’s a really good domain.
        Of the 1800 I really want to cut down to below 1500 by new years .. and eventually maybe 1000 .. I think I’m down to about 1700 now actually with a couple of auctions and the earliest domains I let drop. I had a huge number of .co that I got for $3 to $8 .. only keeping a small number of those (even if I sold a couple I never expected to for 4-figures .. lol). Of the ones I’m renewing most are dot com and at GD DDC, so $8.50/yr. I’d say longer term it will be more like $10k in renewals (still needing to make back the extra from the first year .. but at least it’s not $300k like drew .. lol)

      3. Ategy

        Given I’m finding stuff at what I consider below value .. i’m thinking of maybe giving wholesaling a go as well. I’d still keep many domains .. but instead of buying 2 per day .. maybe take that up to 4 per day and see if I can sell 2 I bought at $20 ($11+renewal) for $40-50 type of thing. That’s something I’m looking at trying out very small scale shortly just to test it out. Basically beyond money .. i’m investing a lot of time. Given it was my first full year I see that as “training time” .. but now that I’ve got my system in place, I might as well take advantage of my lists somehow beyond just selling a fraction of domains at retail.

    1. Ategy

      Hey Mike .. will likely stat at NamePros .. would really need to have a high turnover for it to work .. feel free to contact me there or through my Ategy whois email if you ever want me to contact you directly if/when it happens! 😉

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