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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

This was the advice given in the Namepros forum by a member.  The question was “Do one world .cc have any value?”  The answer…………

CC is worthless. And they are expensive to renew. I keep and
only because I have websites for them. Avoid dot com as they are over priced.
You can still get good keywords for dot US very inexpensively. Dot US can only go up
in value. Dot com can only go down.

Advice is opinion, I get that. But its scary to think that someone may actually listen to this kind of rationale.  I’m not saying dot cc has great value (although I have made 30 times my investment in .cc) .  I’m not saying .US has none (although the lack of sales prove not a ton of value).   I am saying that substitute any investment product anywhere in that statement and its still lacks any kind of investment background.   In trading you always pay attention to stocks making all time highs because the tend to run.  You avoid buying things just because they are cheap.  Risk reward yes.  Price to value yes.  Cheap no

Just summarize it.  Avoid dot com. Buy dot US.   That will get you far in domain investing.

Go Ohio State, TCU, and ehhhhh Auburn.

Quote of the Day: A grownup is a child with layers on”  -Woody Harrelson

Domain of the Day:  Sounds like a horror movie or a canna site.  1 bid



Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   With the lifestyles of Americans this domain will only go up in value   A lot of money in giving compliance information.  Fear of fines is a great sales tool  1995 domain and a discount with the I  Met reserve at $100.   Easy logo, easy to say and spell.  Love these types of names  1998 birthday.   But nobody thinks its a good idea to buy it. No bids Tough sounding name.  Easy to spell and say.  No bids Only one bidders.  You saw it has coin in it right?

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Because everything is better with weed   C’mon.  Don’t pretend you weren’t a huge fan of this Venezuelan telenovela  Great letters, ends in C.  Under $1300 would be a good buy IMO   But this one will probably go higher because of the X and the Chinese that love it   You should pick up to go with this one   I don’t like it but at $200  Not getting much love because it has a reserve on it   wouldn’t that be nice    LLL with all consonants is still money   Better have made seven figures in Bitcoin to claim this title  Already lots of sites and books with this name

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  Solid with no bids  If you sell pumpkins its not a bad buy at $12.  And you’re not going to get   Stem cell therapy?  Energy… the cellular level  Sounds like a Magic Bullet type sales system  Sweet name

Godaddy Names With Bids

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11 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Saturday, December 2nd, 2017”

  1. Hey .. Everything ok with Ike?
    I own a very small number of .cc (now single digit .. really good terms (StockExchange, Solitaire, Astronomy).. unfortunately at the start of my “domaining” I did buy a few single terms that really didn’t have much chance of reselling, even if they appeared like they did (reptiles, airplaines).
    Ironically I do search the .cc expiration list (mainly because it’s so tiny it takes no time at all. Because of the unpredictability of ownership rules in .us, I don’t really check them. But I do own a couple (MerchantServices and Slogan). If you take away the ownership rules, I’d say you’re better off with .us over .cc. Both are pretty speculative though and you need to have seriously monster terms to justify holding.
    In fact .. almost everything in domains is speculative. Even “lower” end dot com’s .. as despite what anyone’s opinion is on altTLD’s , at the end of the day the very top single term altTLD’s in the *better* altTDL’s will start to take a bite into lower and .com as altTLD’s start to get more recognised (how quick that will be in a completely different discussion .. I’m not saying tomorrow .. but not 20 years either .. it’s just going to be a subtle shift/transition)
    NOTE: At this point I definite altTLD as anything aside from .com, .org and core ccTLD’s .. so basically all new and old gTLD’s .biz .pro .loan .xyz .info .club (and yes .net now), and ccTLD’s with alternate use like .me .tv .co .io etc. Not saying these are good or bad .. I think each should be judged on their own merit .. but they on a different tier from .com (and I think .org, while nowhere close to .com hasn’t really changed in usage or end-use demand since the start .. while .net I now consider a good solid tech related altTLD)
    All that preamble just to get to my actual point .. lol .. in that single word and meaningful single term .com’s are not in the same part of the whole value speculation. One could certainly argue how fast they will go up .. or even whether specific domains will go up or down .. and even that some classes (ex: LLL) are in a bubble or not (like Chine 2015) .. but the principle economic fundamental of supply and demand pretty much guarantees that as long as the Internet itself doesn’t really change, that the ever growing number of businesses actually using these .com’s is drying up a fixed number supply. So the prices are going up because demand is constantly going up as more companies startup or old ones go online .. but more importantly, even faster, the supply is drying out .. so the long term value is not speculation (unless you’re speculating on how we will actually use the internet and domains themselves).
    The only possible way to increase supply of premium .com is to change the definition of “Premium” .. which has been happening all along as at first it was and single words .. then grew to include and super amazing 2-word “single-terms” .. Multi-word “sayings” are on the rise .. in the future possibly and definitely the standards for solid 2-words will slip to include more possibilities. It also depends on what price-point you justify being premium .. but in reality it’s more about figuring out if a domain is in a category with noticeably diminishing supply.
    What does all this mean? At the end of the day it’s still all about finding value for what has a good chance of selling. .xyz’s are total garbage in my mind … but as Ike showed all of us .. when you buy garbage at 1 cent it can still certainly have value. Then the opposite is true as well .. you can most certainly overpay for even good .com’s (that’s why I always felt the one hiccup in the Sherpa Review’s was that many of the reviews were done pretty blindly not knowing acquisition costs and/or holding costs for premium nTLD’s).
    At the end of the day it’s all about finding value .. as every single domain (including the amazing could be a bad buy depending on price .. and on the other hand a fair number of domains could be good buys if the price is low enough (many still aren’t even worth a penny though .. lol). The art of domaining figuring out where each domain falls on the value scale based on BOTH sides of the dot, and then buying the domain for an amount significantly below that so you have a margin to justify holding it long enough to find a buyer.
    .. And that’s all I have to say about that .. lol .. you can blame this ramble on Ike since I budgeted a lot more time to go through his usually super long Saturday lists .. lol 😉

      1. Sure .. I always end up writing more here than on my own list at NP for some odd reason anyways .. lol .. But what I need more than anything else .. is the ability to edit my posts for obviously early morning / late night typos! 😉
        PS .. If it’s not too personal .. Is everything ok with Ike?

  2. Man, Ategy makes me read 2 blog posts in one. You’re amazing, I scroll down just to see your comments 🙂

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