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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, Feb 9th, 2018

There has been talk lately about “equality of outcome”.  Basically meaning that people all have the same wealth and the same lives.  While I believe in equality of opportunity I couldn’t disagree more with equality of outcome.  It’s just not possible for several reasons.  It’s almost impossible to insure that one person’s wealth and life equal that of another due to all the variables in life that occur. Even with every single thing the same, the results can often be different for no reason at all.  Like two people that own the same domain at different times but it just so happens that someone makes a great offer to the second person that owns it.  Nothing different was done, in this case it was lucky timing. Trying to make things an even result is in my mind an almost impossible feat.

In every facet of this world there is something that is small that holds a large percentage of the pie.   When something gets big it tends to swallow the smaller things. It has advantages that the smaller entities don’t.  There will always be big cities, elite athletes, super rich, most popular people. It’s not capitalism, it’s nature.  A big city has opportunity, food, social.  Because of that it draws more people and gets even bigger. Until it runs the whole state like Chicago does Illinois.   Are we going to even that out like some feel we should even out capitalism and wealth?  Not possible.   Michael Jordan scored a much higher percentage of the points.  He could have distributed the ball more and spread out the points but he made more shots than most.  His teammates also wanted him to have the ball more often because of his success.  Success bread more success.

In my opinion the only thing we need to concentrate on is opportunity.  To make sure everyone in the country/world has the same opportunity.  To create that opportunity we need to insure there is employment, shelter, food, education, and health care.  Restrict access to any of these for any reason and it makes it harder for someone to succeed.  Again, my opinion only.  But its an opinion taken from paying attention. Not to the news but to listening to people.  Most of the people have passed on their opportunities for various reasons.  Some don’t even know they are there.  Some have chosen other areas of interest that strayed them from oppotunity.  Some have surroundings that encouraged less opportunistic paths.  But there are those that have had opportunities taken away and those are the ones IMO that we can do something about.  But while I am helping I will be making money, building businesses, and creating wealth.  Wealth that I will decide how I think its going to best help.  Not someone telling me that capitalism is bad and that giving out money to others is the answer.  It’s never been the answer and never will.  But I don’t think we actually know the answer.  We’re going to have to keep listening, trying different things, and we’ll get closer.  This has been my one political post of the year.  Done   Here are today’s names, Click on them for current price



Quote of the Day: “Don’t hide your scars. Scars are medals branded on flesh, & enemies will be frightened by them because they are proof of your long experience of battle. Often this will lead them to seek dialogue & avoid conflict. Scars speak more loudly than sword that caused them”  -Paul Coelho

Domain of the Day:    Nice Yours for $20 at press time

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Big enough keyword to give a dot net value   A nice CVCV.  Reserve needs to be closer to the price on the left of the reserve to sell IMO  A much better name than PollDaddy   Big potential selling hard wallets. If they can make them fast enough   Thought it may sell and then I see its another ridiculous reserve   Online document signing tool    We all need to get more useful  Where did you buy your orange cones?  At the safety place of course!       16 Bids.  Virtual Reality name.  Similar names already built out   Big Community.  Everything has a coin.  Even cycling  Lets dance, or “is dead” Under $100. Few NN+Blockchain available  Color and a fruit, start your own token.

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Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   20 years old and a great name for leads.  At four figures   Even though they grow out of their clothes in 6 months we parents still buy them expensive clothes and shoes. 44 bids    A brewer, the keeper of the beer.   Under $200 at press time  Two continents, one price   Too close to PayPal for me but lots of bidders  Hope is the reason many people get up each day.  Positive name   Sounds like a big bio tech company that will overcharge for its medicine   Sounds like a new hot wrapper.  Or a canna shop  aka marijuana tips   Speaking of weed.  I need some  Timely name with the Winter Olympics going on now in Korea   Forex is the bitcoin of the old days   So many things carry this name

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  We all know ink is more expensive than gold.  Perfect name for a drop ship or affiliate   Upgrade name for several entities.  No bids  Girl Scout marketing name Might as well put it in her email, she was going to tell you in the first 5 minutes she graduated from Harvard anyway  Nice and a word that is used for various items Lean back….lean back Cinderella themed bar.  OK that may be a bit niche  Not sure if its a big enough category to have its own website but millions and millions of results  Get your weed anthem on for $12   Short, memorable, easy logo, cheap  Bright is a widely used naming convention

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  1. .
    So you’re saying I can’t be like Mike ??? 🙁 lol
    Seriously though .. If there’s one thing that history (and the present) has taught us .. it’s that both extremes of capitalism and socialism don’t work. We need a smart hybrid … Socialised Capitalism. I’ve said similar things to you in many a discussion. Opportunity and fairness is the key.
    It’s shameful that children aren’t given equal opportunity and equal access to education. That’s just flat out wrong for certain people to thrive based almost entirely on where they were born and who they were born to. If there are limited spaces for a certain educational path .. then it should go to the ones with the best results they earned.
    When it comes to insurance and healthcare .. those should be mostly fair as well. Meaning that if it’s something out of control .. we the people should help each other … but if you choose to be a cigarette smoker .. then not only should society not pay for your related health costs .. but you should be at the back of the line.
    A housing hack I’d love to see one day, is actually no more social housing. Scrap all of it .. also scrap the ability to own more than you actually live on (or use for business) .. then build enough housing for all .. so that there is cheap places for those who can’t afford more .. but still have more expensive for those who want that as well. The concept is a little more complicated than I can write in 4 lines .. so for ones .. i won’t bother .. lol.
    On the flip side though .. although I would change some things in business and jobs .. that’s where I think “socialism” doesn’t work so well. There are some people who are very happy working 30 hours a week .. and then you have the Shane Cultra’s of the world who work the entire week except for 30 hours! lol .. If you give everyone equal pay .. then nobody is motivated to work or do a good job.
    That being said .. I think taxes on non-work based revenue should be higher .. and on actual work be lower. It’s just silly that in some places people who sit back and live on investments (other people’s work) actually pay less tax than people who go out there each day contributing the GDP and making society work. Decrease income tax even more and increase taxes based on consumption and carbon footprint. Governments need to start balancing 2 budgets .. economic AND environmental .. it’s time leaders wake up and realise there isn’t even a point of making one work without the other.
    Bla bla bla bla ….. lol

    1. I really need an edit button here .. lol
      I’ve said similar things to you in many a discussion =
      I’ve said similar things to *others* in many a discussion.
      Of all my discussions with you I don’t think we’ve ever talked about politics .. lol .. and you’re likely better off that way .. I usually go on longer about politics than I do domains .. lol

      1. Thanks for sharing. I don’t usually do politics or religion because their is so much passion behind it that discussion usually becomes impossible. But with the right person it can be a nice intelligent conversation which both sides can learn

  2. .
    “ – Might as well put it in her email, she was going to tell you in the first 5 minutes she graduated from Harvard anyway”
    – Wow .. so that would be an entire 3 minutes AFTER she tell you she’s a vegan then? lol
    “ – Lets dance, or “is dead” Under $100.”
    – I know we’re not supposed to fall in love with our own names .. but I always smile when I remember I own CryptoDisco // dot // com 🙂

  3. I could outwrite Ategy on this subject.
    I’ll have mercy though.
    Opportunity is the key but at the same time you can take control and create opportunity.
    My late wife is my hero. I could write a book about her.
    Came to the USA from a poor family and poor neighborhood. Arrived with server all boxes full of books and some clothes, took a huge leap of faith, married me, and immediately went to college. She had a masters in math from her country which I admire her country for provide education to anyone that will do the study regardless of income. That’s a big deal!
    She aced every class she attended….long story short…she graduated indiana university dental school 6 years after arriving. Deans list every semester. High Gpa. All while learning a fourth language (English).

    Anyone can succeed if you really really want to…

    1. Tim,
      We met because of your beautiful story of your wife. She was an amazing person. As you know there aren’t many like her. The great part of the story is not only did she succeed but she turned around and helped those around her. If everyone does a little of that, just a little, then we’re on the right track.

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