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Shohei Otani.   It’s a name that has been talked about for several years in baseball.  He is the best player in Japan.  Maybe the best player ever.   He is the best pitcher in Japan and throws over 100 consistently.  But he also is a hitter. Not just a pitcher that can hit a little.  But a guy that could make a living just being one of the bigger bats in the MLB.  The fact that he can do both is going to make him incredible in the National League.  A league where the pitcher has to hit and usually a liability.  He could be the first pitcher to lead off in 100 years.   They did a segment on him on 60 minutes last night and introduced him to everyone that doesn’t follow the Cubs. I say the Cubs because they were first in line to sign him.  But its looking like they won’t be able to.  Because they are talking 300 million dollar contract and they have a few other players that are going to get that type of money.  Or at least one, Kris Bryant.  Will be fun to follow him. Here are today’s names Click for current price

Quote Of The Day:  “The future you have, tomorrow, won’t be the same future you had, yesterday.  -Chuck Palahniuk ”

Domain Of The Day:   Represents anything you have responsibility for

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   The first thing I think of are actual vents that let out air but could be a form of venting or getting it out verbally   They don’t like Tesla and the future but almost every engine in the world uses it  14,000 backlinks and originally registered 20 years ago.  My opinion is F for foundation was the best letter to end a   Just because I don’t like “i” names doesn’t mean they don’t sell all the time  Perhaps my least favorite response to any question   “Jam made from the wild berries of the Pacific Northwest”.  Sounds delicious doesn’t it?    Oh yeah. If they think its OK it has to be OK   Thousands of products add Nu to the front of them.    Ticker symbol for Clipper Realty is the driver here.  Just kidding.  Western and Chinese Premium    Over $500 a press time.  Vowels are good in the right spots   18 year old stock name  13 years old.   Learn code, meet friends   “Teach your new dog an old trick”   I just made that up, I’m going to Google it to see if anyone else thought of it before I trademark it.  Nope, its a book   Under $50 at press time.  Very cheap for quality of the name  A little preview of a pretty good name coming up

Domains With One or No Bids Surprised this one has not bids. Will now Sounds like a video game producers Good app name for $12. 17 year old original registration You know you’ll be able to buy a trip to the moon soon enough. Mobile nutrition. No bids No bids. 65 million results come up for land for sale in Florida when you type these words in Nice with no bids. Typo of Bosnia 🙂 I’m buying this for $12 because I can’t afford Elliot’s price for Sounds like a pet Spa Not worth a lot but I can see this as a junk shop in an seaside town One word for $12 Tight budget traveling at your fingertips


Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Namejet Auction    Many a fortune has been made fixing up property and selling it  Because nobody is shopping at the regular malls except during Christmas.   The world is getting old and I can’t think of a better field to be in than healthcare if you want job security. Maybe coding   We have to be getting close to the reserve   Great CVCV but a bit away from the reserve.  A reserve that I have no idea what it is but I would figure its closer to the high end of the range  No reserve on this one  I can appreciate this.  Nothing hotter than a stamen and a pistol   Numeric TV have never had much value but this one is interesting   Upgrade name for several entities.  Sounds professional IMO  860,000 backlinks and 21 years old  20 years old.

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