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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday March 12th, 2018

Spring is starting to liven up with pretty decent weekend of domain investing.  I bought a good .io, or at least what I thought was good.  I bought another name at Namejet auction that is my lawn care/landscaping wheelhouse.  Sold a name privately (will talk about it on Sherpa).  And then I received a few good offers for my .io kangaroo.  One was double my investment.  Although I am waiting for much more.  But nice to get some offers.  And true to form I received dozens of $250 offers for my LLLL.coms at Sedo.  All of which canceled negotiations after I countered.  At least they didn’t drag anything on.

There was some chatter about the purchase of for $12,500 and what a bargain it was. This is the kind of name I would never touch.  A name that is spelled correctly but said differently.  People pronounce it marshmellow and often spell it that way.  If you are a brand do you really want to name your company something that is already confusing?  Like calling it Greywolf.  Great name but you better have Graywolf too.  There is a reason it went that cheap.  Because nobody has wanted to pay more or they would have sold it.  I would put up a poll to see what people thought but polls are stupid.  Especially in domain investing.  If I wanted to know what everyone thought in the space I would just email the 710 or less people that are actively involved.  I don’t need the same 40 people that vote in the polls each week to give me foresight.

Also, some people ask me why I don’t put some names that are great names from the Namejet domains that are closing.  I don’t put names that have zero chance of meeting reserve.  It really doesn’t matter if an amazing name if its not going to meet reserve.  I’m just wasting everyone’s time.  I also realize that often people put names  up for auction at high reserves just to publicize that a name is for sale with no intention of selling it at auction.   I leave it up to my discretion (unless its a paid listing) as to whether to help advertise that fact.  Depends on the day.

A little bird told me that Michael Cyger is on the next Domain Sherpa show and that the gang is getting back together for a special reunion.  For the first time he’ll be in a different chair and act in the domain investor role instead of the host.  Something to look forward to a week from today.  Speaking of Sherpa, I think we lost Ategy after the show.  I was pretty hard on his portfolio but tough love in the domain investing community can save you a ton of money.  He really hasn’t posted many comments since.  Maybe Steamie isn’t feeling well.  As pointed out quite often, we can be wrong and names we don’t like can sell for thousands of dollars.  But I feel comfortable there are certain types of names that sell better than others.   They say a good buy is a good sell but that only works if you can sell it.  Until the sales pay for the buys the business model doesn’t work.  I thought his wasn’t going to work.  I sure hope he makes me eat my words and puts a Ferrari in my driveway with the license plate that says “EatADik”.  That would get me back.   Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price

Quote of the Day:  “Nobody is paying attention to you at the gym.  They are working at something just like you.  Keep your head down and keep working”   

Domain of the Day:  Hard to believe this was left to expire.  GD is loving it. The expired money is so much better than the $8 a year.  Right now this is 8000 times better than he renewal. Sure to move up dramatically in the next 7 days

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Looks like this one is going to sell again.  Met reserve.  I sold it to this person.  But it could have been sold by the person I sold it to to this person   There have been a lot of these types of names up for auction at Namejet lately.  They were gold a few years ago.  Now not so much.    Just an FYI.  I have been buying names like this that start in A with three good letters behind them.  The reserve is 500-1000 but $501 has been meeting reserve  Domain OK  I heard this used to be owned by a dentist before it expired.  Crazy    Getting an awesome price.  Even more than yesterday



Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Love these types of names. Great for everything from a wine to a wedding venue   meant minerals before but now a crypto name   Makes your organization seem that much more homey  This is the one that used to be the site and has lots of backlinks. At four figures  21 year old domain.  I like but don’t love and    A few nice LLLL.nets up for auction today   Nice letters here.  North West something something   Judging by all the beauty schools in the strip malls, this one has great value  More great letters.   N for network or some geo that starts with N   Nice to see a NNL doing well   1997.  Has more bids than any  name on the GD board     Lots of uses in the office space   27,000 backlinks.  Be careful of Skinny Girl.  She sues everyone   Long name but tells you exactly what you’re going to find  Might be the best of the LLL.nets today

Godaddy Names With No Bids  Oh there is where they were. Was looking for them  Homeschooling or tutoring name   I know a couple guys that majored in this in college.  48 bids.  JK Mike Mann is going to use this for his new guessing system Would be a nice buy at $12 IMO Not sure what’s regular any more but decent brand for home made cooking  Ok if you get it cheap  Pretty sure they make chocolate in every state.  No bids  Upgrade name for quite a few companies

Godaddy Names With Bids

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3 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday March 12th, 2018”

  1. Any guesses on where carrot will go?
    I can’t think of many end user usages for a name like that, great brand for anything I guess but who will be buying it if as an end user if the sale price is 100K+?

    1. That’s a name where you are asking for 1M+ from an end user. It can be a brand for just about anything. It’s short, one of the most common foods that is also not objectionable to anyone, easy to spell and extremely memorable. You also “kind of” get a color with it. Even though there are rainbow carrots, everyone thinks of the color orange when they think of the word carrot. But if I had to guess, it would go to a well-funded tech startup that delivers groceries with orange drones.

      1. Ditto to Travis. Perfect generic that can be a brand for anyone. I would say it finishes $150K plus. And I hope they buy it thru us 🙂

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