Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Single.com, Lows.com, TFS.com, More

Mar 11 2018

Listed below are updates on the top ten domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Single.com sold for $290,000

A referral / lead gen site is live for other dating sites. “We here at Singles.com do the legwork for you. We scour the internet and find only the best, most reputable dating sites for you. Then, we give you the skinny. What’s great, what’s not great, and how you can make these particular sites work for you.” The owner is under privacy, but it appears the owner of Singles.com picked up the singular, as identical sites are live at each. Single.com has an Alexa rank near 3.9 million, while Singles.com’s rank is near 4.8 million.


2. Lows.com sold for $104,501

Per Whois, the domain is owned by Frontline Media of San Diego, which owns hundreds of other domains. When I try to navigate to Lows.com, it redirects me to HomeDepot.com, a Lowes.com competitor. I don’t know the legalities of redirects and zero click landers, and how it would impact a UDRP decision, but it’s not a risk I would take with a $100k investment.

Even though there is no site at Lows.com, it’s still the traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 1.6 million.

3. 3L.com sold for $82,000

The domain is parked.

4. TFS.com sold for $47,250

This was a big upgrade & shortener for TheFragranceShop.co.uk, which is where TFS.com is still redirected. “Established in 1994, The Fragrance Shop is the UK’s largest independent, fragrance retailer.


5. Murphy.com sold for $45,000

The domain is owned by Andrew Rosener’s Internet Real Estate Ltd, and the domain redirects to MediaOptions.com.

6. YEA.com sold for $44,500

7. JHJ.com sold for $35,800

8. InternetServices.com sold for $32,000

9. Franks.com sold for $26,200

10. EEJ.com sold for $20,100

Each of the domains above is either parked, doesn’t resolve, or has something else uninteresting happening on it. Franks.com was picked up by Frontline Media, the buyer of Lows.com discussed above.

I had to drop down to the #20 sale to find another development example for the week: JobNinja.com sold for $10,500 at Sedo, and a Munich-based company is building a German language job site, with just under 20,000 job openings currently touted. Per Google Translate,JobNinja makes your next job search a breeze – after a short registration you can apply for each job via Like!

job ninja

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