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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday March 26th, 2018


I’ve been running a family business for 25 years.  At least once a week something happens that is a mistake or a problem develops that needs to be rectified.  Sometimes its my vendor or sometimes its my company that screwed up.  What I’ve found over the years is that there is a way to handle it that gets the best results.  I’ve also found that if I handle it correctly that I ALWAYS get taken care of.  I can honestly say that each and every one of my problems has eventually been rectified.

Domain companies are no different.  Godaddy, Namejet, Sedo, Dropcatch.  Every one fixes my problems.  Why?  Because I talk it out with the company.  I let them know exactly what happened and make sure it moves up the ladder until it gets fixed.  It doesn’t get fixed because I am special.  It gets fixed because it is a small industry and its not hard to know who to talk to.  I also treat everyone with respect along the way.  Ok, maybe I get passive aggessive some times but I try.  In the nursery industry I am nobody special.  But I know when I am due rectification and being fair.  I don’t push it past that.

For instance we bought a Kubota articulating loader.  Its not cheap.  Close to $100K.   Kubota has been in the tractor market for a while but they are new to skid steers and loaders.  We bought a loader and skid steer last year from a dealer by one of locations but the loader is now at one of our other locations.  There is a Kubota dealer next door to our nursery but its not where we bought it yet they do the service.  When the differential problem came up they said the parts would not be in until JUNE.  June because its such a new piece of equipment Kubota didn’t have the part readily available.   Obviously that’s not going to work.  I asked the company down the road what Kubota could do.  Their answer? Nothing.

So I called my Dad who wanted to buy it from the dealer close to his location and asked him to give that person a chance to make it right.  Mentioning we were first adopters and spent $150K and that no business can have their equipment down for 3 months.  Within 30 minutes they told us they would give us a brand new tractor and pick up the broken one from the dealer that did nothing.  And they did.  It just happened to snow unexpectedly and we could not have done our job if they hadn’t brought that tractor.  I called the company to say how much I appreciated what they did.  They couldn’t have handled it much better.  I would have given them apple bread like I did the fire department but they were too far away.

As a business owner I also know people can be asses.  Not only do they have a problem but they are going to berate you and belittle you while they explain it.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have the problem rectified, but you lose your desire to help. You can also tell that this is who they are.  That they have a problem with everything.  Problems follow them everywhere they go.  You do the bare minimum to help and often weigh the value of even having them as a customer any more.  Often the only reason you keep them is because you know they will be ruthless in talking bad about your company.  Reviews, blog post, etc.

It’s tough reading an article where the entire article is complaining about a company.  Usually because you know that in normal circumstances that wouldn’t even be a problem. It would have been solved.  And its too bad because nobody wins in those cases.  They both look bad.  If a writer has more than a few complaint articles then it looks like they are the problem. And in general the company looks bad because they didn’t handle a complain satisfactorily according to their user.  The writer could have just ceased doing business but they want to make sure everyone knows.  The power of the keyboard.  I won’t pretend, having a blog or being on Sherpa has probably gotten me better service than I deserve but I never use that as leverage. Only as identification or as a trust identifier.  I feel comfortable that I could achieve the same results being anonymous.  It just might take me a little longer.  Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price

Quote of the Day:  “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do”  Benjamin Franklin

Domain of the Day: This was the name of a successful silicon valley startup now sold. They paid 15K for the name then. it has 23K+ backlinks and daily traffic.


Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Millions of women (and men) treat themselves to this.  Hundreds if not thousands of dollars getaway.  55 bids  So many uses.  Mechanic, custom builder, car sales.  33 bids   A wonderful vacation spot.  Strong enough geo that the .net has good value. 3 bids     Real estate, real estate broker, real estate brokerage, real estate board. 29 bids multiple solid uses for this 3L .net – one of those is Proof of Authority which is an Ethereum sidechain.   Reserve has already been met.   I think most people will consider this a pronounceable so it will go for more than $1K  I think this is definitely going to be a thing.  Gathering data, producing energy, helping cars drive.  Just not sure any of those manufactures will want the generic  Another one of those advertising names.  What I mean by that is based on the reserve, I don’t think the seller had any intention of selling it at auction.  They merely are using the auction to let everyone know its for sale and will eventually sell it privately.  Happening more now as auction houses have a huge need for inventory that they will now allow names with super high reserves. And sometimes they actually sell so its worth it to let them on  Had it on the list before.  Still like it for sales of safety related products   Pending delete and a great brand. I like Bright names more than the average person though  Another nice pending delete. Have to put a bid in here just in case DropCatch doesn’t get it   Famous domain because it looked like FerretHandJobs.  Never knew if it was for real but regardless its now for sale

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Find your canna where ever you are.  Colorado and California’s map looks like a colorblind test   News brand.  Used to be what they would call the little kids selling papers on the corner. 1998 domain   At $500 at press time.  Not sure I love it but I like all the bidders  Godaddy values it at $7500.    I’m thinking this is a media play.  Maybe no signal meaning cutting the cord.   Getting some good bids so somebody has a plan   A gold or silver coin used in Europe in the 1800s.  Now collected  Kids LOVE dinosaurs   Could be herbs and natural medicine but my guess is its going to be cannabis    The triple Ls has the Chinese bidding this one up.   Used to go for $4K plus    I generally stay away from LLLL that end in O because they tend to stand for Organization which means they could or even should get the .org.  But I like this one for some reason.   Maybe its the first three solid letters  Means “Baby Room” in Turkish and its already at 4 figures   I think this may be a CHiP that doesn’t reach four figures.   Parking is moving to all private.   And now they have to compete with Marketing   The top numbers of bids on the GD list today  If I’m a crypto company I am more likely to name it something like this rather than a generic  and   Not sure if anyone does typos still but these get thousands of typeins    I think evacuate or eVacuum or evidently anything that doesn’t normally have a Q

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  More construction guys make money in rehab and additions than people working in the new construction business. Remote control used to be called Radio controlled. Might still work as a brand  A big one is getting missed here.  Best value on the board IMO with no bidders  Not being used for anything so this Japanese sounding brand is all yours.  No bids  Live the life you always wanted to live.  The Alternalife. No bids Sound fun. But I’m a little too old for pills or dot nets.  One bidder  Nice with no bids  Boss is a pretty popular naming convention and coffee….we all know coffee is lifeblood  Nothing says tough like yarn.  And it has a bid  Upgrade name for a few entitites  Live broadcast of your wedding for those that can’t make it


Godaddy Names With Bids
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  1. In business and as in life, there are going to be problems. How you handle the problems determines whether you’re a winner or a loser. Losers use it as an excuse and winners find away around them. If you’re getting frustrated, it’s a sign that you haven’t found the right option yet. Keep digging, there are always options. And, a cool head always wins.

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