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Yesterday I discovered the coolest product in modern health science. It’s called Teladoc, an app and website that lets you video call a Dr where ever you are in minutes.

I’ve had this sinus infection that just won’t go away. I keep thinking it’ll be over soon but the mucous continues to be yellow and thick. I don’t like taking antibiotics if I don’t have to, I always think I’ll create some super bug by over medicating.

So today, thanks to a co-worker that reminded me we had this service available, I signed up for Teladoc through their app.

After setting up the account, I had to  impute some medical details,  insurance information and preferred pharmacy. I then requested a “visit” and 5 minutes later I was on the phone with a PA licensed Physician.

The call lasted 30 seconds, I told him my symptoms, he said “ok I’ll call in an RX, hope you feel better” and that was it. 15 minutes later I got the text message that my prescription was filled.

I paid the standard co-pay with paypal and didn’t have to drive anywhere or wait  45 minutes in a sick filled waiting room.  So while some ailments require an actual visit, most like this don’t and boom I’ve got what I need in a few minutes.


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12 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, March 27th”

  1. Dang Josh that’s an awesome app. I’m sitting at home sick right now in PA debating going to the doctors or just toughing it out right now myself haha.

  2. Agree w/Tom. Pretty awesome tip Josh.
    I will have to call my Insurance provider tomorrow and check out if it is offered in our plan.
    Got sick (Bronchitis) a couple weeks ago and sat in Hosp for 7 hours that day. Not sure if they could diagnose that over phone but if so, would have been nice to get zpack and antihistamine inhaler prescribed right away.
    Grabbed the best name off of the list today, Thanks.

  3. Well it was a tough decision between the one i grabbed and
    I did some thorough domain research/analysis and then it came down to 1 main factor…
    Which one would I be able to get for $12?
    I figured would be a couple dollars over $12 so I settled for
    I will type this domain out and frame it and hang it above my desk. Everytime I start to putz around, it will kick me in the butt to Just Do Shit. 🙂

  4. Good point Josh. Didnt even think of that. I like reading Mike Manns tweets. He always seems to do 5 figures (20 – 50k) on his call to action names.
    I just figured it was a no brainer because I also get a free logo here at DSAD once I steal/save the above image to my computer…lol

    1. All images on DSAD are free for distribution and usage, (especially the ones featuring Shane) to the degree that they were available for distribution and usage by the original user somewhere on the WWW, before I found and mutilated them.

  5. The mutilated versions are preferred. I was hoping I could steal them. Now that they are free its not as much fun.
    Gotta go just do some shit.
    Nice chat Josh.

  6. one “L” instead of two, does this has any value, it should be confusing right?

    1. If it does have value it’s because it would be Virtual Earning. It’ll never work as learning since dropping the L makes another word.

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