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May 08 2017

In a million years I never thought a daily podcast would be a part of who I am.  But I have to admit, I absolutely look forward to listening to the discussions on Joe Rogan’s show.  Its an incredibly diverse group of people.  People who are amazing, people who I think are crazy.  People who see things exactly as I do.  Others who see life completely different.  But every day I learn something.   One of my favorite of all time was a recent long talk with Guy Ritchie the director/storyteller.  He talked about most of life is not a struggle against things.  It’s really a struggle with yourself.  The struggle of learning, succeeding, meeting your own goals.   We try and make it more but its much more simple.

The other thing that resonated is his need for competition that makes him equal.  What he means by this is something that he comes into with “no currency”.  Regardless of personal success, wealth, or fame.  Everyone is equal.  He loves Jujitsu because none of those things makes a difference when a guy is trying to tap you out.  It all comes down to the experience, training, and mental fortitude that the opponents bring to the mat.  I feel the same way about running.  I like it because your body and your results have nothing to do with money.  You can’t buy your way into a better performance.  (maybe PEDs or something) All the equipment and trainers in the world don’t really improve you any more than own body weight exercises and just getting out there and running. Putting in the time.   It’s one of the reasons I love it.

I’m not sure if you will get the same out of Joe’s podcast as me but its worth a listen.  They are long form so it takes a while to get through them.  I do it on runs, while I work on this.  And before bed.  I think I am smarter to have listened and that’s always a good find.   Here are today’s names.    Click for Current Price.  

PS:  Make sure to check out Today’s DomainSherpa.   Josh and I are both on with our friend Ali Zandi.  We miss Drew but we did our best without him.

Quote Of The Day  “If you are the greatest, why would you go around talking about it -Joe Rogan” 

Domain Of The Day:   No bidders.  Just kidding.  Will probably close in the five figure area

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Fail site or girly brand.   Going to be highlighted by a lot of bidders today  19 years old.  Valuable land, that New England place    Gifts from the web are soooo much cooler than from brick and mortar    Another online gift domain   People still watch TV.  Just not as much as they used to.   1999 domain  And it sounds like a legit magazine    Get them BEFORE they are YouTube and Instagram stars    Plenty of digital marketing agencies in Miami to give this value    You could keep your portfolio here.  I guess that’s pretty obvious    So strong it overcomes the .net   Some people call Chia seeds this     The kind of name that you used to be able to get cheap.  But now his getting bid up.  Very nice brand     Has some value because of the triple Ls   Something of Something dot net   Most people will have no idea why this is over $1200.  I am one of them.   I know its because of China and the 7777   Good enough pattern that it should cross $500   May not be an actual canna strain but sounds like one   I for International or Interactive


Domains That I Like With One or No Bids I thought some of you might like this. No bids not sure what market he’s the man of but its only $12. You can find out later Impossible to heal online. Gotta stay local. No bids Stop by to get some money for your new startup Isn’t this exactly what car insurance is? with no bidders 16 years old. No bidders I know you could essentially put any number at the end of homecare but its a big industry and 1 is the best

NameSniper.comNo bids. Good tool name for our industry


Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Some 6N.coms Getting Bids.


Namejet Auction  Girls first name and that is usually good enough


Sedo  Two bids and met reserve near $100   Private purchasing.  Bitcoin will probably be a part of this   Nice keyword for a dot ai.  Met reserve at $250

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  1. George in Miami

    “I think I am smarter to have listened and that’s always”
    Good article and practice, Shane.
    God gave us two ears and just one mouth.

  2. Tom T

    Been listening to Rogan’s podcast for years. He really is a tremendous interviewer. They have touched on domaining briefly in a few episodes but nothing substantial. Best ones are with Duncan Trussell, definitely check those out Shane if you enjoy deep conversations about almost anything.

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