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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday April 20th


This guy.  Yesterday you heard my little story about the medic walking me to the finish.  It was a nice little story.  And then I saw the pictures below.  Nothing brings you back down to earth than looking at a photo set like these.  I bust my ass every morning.  I work long hard hours.  All because I truly enjoy accomplishments and testing my limits.  And just when you crash during one of those tests, there is somebody like this guy that picks you up and dusts you off.   The guy reminded me a lot of Josh.  Josh is one of those guys every day. A full time paramedic.  I have always respected him for that.  I respect him a lot more now.  Domain investing is great but it pales in comparison to Josh changing and saving lives every day.  That guy in the photo didn’t save my life but he did change it.  You can see him talking me through it.  Making me smile.  At first making sure I was safe, and then helping me accomplish something that I didn’t think I wanted or could do at the time.  Funny how one little act of kindness can change an attitude so much.   I found myself being nicer yesterday. Smiling more. Wanting to pay it forward.  And I think that change is permanent.  All because of one little event.  And it’s over. I promise no more running talk for a while.  Back to domains

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Quote Of The Day  ” Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants” – Epictetus

Domain Of The Day:      Even with dot org it sounds like a legit professional ticket selling company.  Works well with Adwords IMO



Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   19 years old.   Upgrade name for a few companies.  19 years old   Used to be the King North Carolina Chamber of Commerce website.  19 years old and a few nice .gov backlinks .  Four figure bids  21 years old.   Sounds like a 21 year old company  Everyone likes free music.  18 years old      Nice brand name.  Exudes better than average.   Although I like to lower the bar so I can just walk over it. Makes me feel good    Sounds like a church.   18 years old   You’re $400 away from everyone thinking you are an expert   Chinese all the way   Can’t go wrong owning a  Same with as well. The V is going to remove the Chinese market or at least lower their desire   from 2002 when Lab was a hot naming convention   Great canna name


Domains That One or No Bids 17 years old. Pretty sure there is a bicycle or motorcycle shop in Vegas that would like this A ton of traffic and no money in funny pictures Has some age (1999). But only one bid Certainly memorable. no bids at $12 Not going to sell but good name for a buildout University of Illinois, Iowa. They use .edu but .org sounds just as official. No bids More of a marketing name than a brand. But its $12 As long as that is what your company does it will work. Not a great Taco Stand name $12 , no bidders

Some Nice 6Ns that Close Today

Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Namejet Auction   Bike riding continues to grow in popularity in the US.  And they aren’t getting any cheaper.  13 bidders   Gold has transcended time. Continues to have value.  34 bidders   Solid name for those that sell tools for the domain investor .  60 bidders    No bidders.   For decades people have tried to have a flatter stomach.  Pretty strong .   Bed n Breakfast was here long before Air was put in front   Strong strong   Could see five figures   This will cross $2500.   This kind of name is in high demand.  And I bid $2500 so I kind of cheated with that $2500 price thing   You’ll here why I liked these types of on next Monday’s Domain Sherpa   Many people think that wine is an investable asset.   I generally don’t like numeric dot io but this one is pretty special  Upgrade name for a lot of car sellers



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  1. If more people would emulate this paramedic, certainly, we would live in a better world.
    Shane, congratulations for finishing your marathon!
    A health checkup will be a good idea.

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