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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday February 16th


Plain and simple the new GTLDs are a mess.  Travis and I were gong to work on a site that lets you type in a name and you will get the renewal price of the name.  Nobody can seem to figure out quickly how much each name cost to renew. And we figured out why.  NOBODY except the registries know the price and somehow they are not relaying that info to the registrars. That’s right, not even the registrars can tell you the exact price of many premium names in the new Gs without checking first.  Yes, in a day with all this technology they still have to send out an email or even phone to get the price.  I talked with a few registrars and they all say the same things.  We’d love to help but even we don’t have all that information.  Yes there are some strings that give out pricing for every name but they are in  the minority.  So don’t look for our site any time soon.  And don’t look for new GTLDs to join the aftermarket until they figure out how to price the original market.   Here are today’s names.  Click the links for current price

Quote of the Day:  “Well done is better than well said ” 

Domain of the Day:   Your Name Here for $10. 

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Used to be a gaming site.  Here is the old linkedin profile   Healthscore is a big term in the healthcare industry.  My score is 90 but that might be my credit score   Originally register 19 years ago.  Somebody forgot to renew in 2014 and looks like it happened again     I honestly didn’t know what BDSM.  Saw the price at the auction and thought “wonder what that is”  I thought I was pretty informed.  Nope   You know hundreds of thousands take them.   I fly to NY some weekends just to catch a few plays.   You know exactly what’s being sold here    Sounds like the name of a record from back in the 60s   Where do we start?  I’ll begin by letting you know that you should quit after season 2 of Lost   If Whole Foods and Great Harvest stores had a baby    I don’t like these kinds of names.   Z is cool for S but IE is not a great sub for Y IMO   36 bids can’t be wrong can they?  Oboxo sold for $100  Already a musician with this name  I like it.  Simple and memorable  Triple 6s probably put it a little past $1500    Many businesses and apps built around this idea   this one is all about the 250,000 plus backlinks , , and    The three other LLLL.coms on the board today   All companies are looking for new business.  Or just a blog or organization name   I’ve been in that corner a few times

Domains With One or No Bids

CyberCurtain.comno bids. Good computer security name Not a big geo guy but hard to go wrong with this name under $25 1998 name. One bidder. Get it, get lit Because you know every guy searches for this before he heads for a beach vacation Good at a cheap price IMO. I have a love for 5L.coms though so don’t take my advice, just watch them Sound like the name of a million dollar painting. Definitely generic Gets some traffic, no bidders Nice call to action name. No bids Now this i.e. at the end is spelled correctly. And you all are Sounds like a tech company and a few already have this as their name People in the US have no idea just how big Cricket is in the rest of the world I love short names that start with X. I am basically alone in this thought though Because starting an escrow company is as easy as buying an escrow name. Joke

Other Names With Bids

Namejet Auction    I personally like hiking and so do tens of millions of other people. No bids   22 bidders.   All the action is in game  Bright names have been popular for over a decade now   One of those names that looks OK until you realize there is zero skiing in Vegas   I actually like this misspelling.  Memorable  No reserve.  Good letters  Met reserve.  Going to sell   Ha.  I sold this on Namejet and we talked about in on Sherpa how shitty the sale price was.  Evidently the buyer thinks he can do better.  So I’ll help him/her do better by putting it here  Original Nightstands of Kansas City

A Few Good Names From our Upcoming Auction  A ton of money in the education market.  One of the better names to deliver courses online    The best private security you can get is from military training.  There is a big business developing in the canna space as well because its all cash and they need people to move the cash.  Ex military people are filling that role,, and      Other than CVCV.coms there CCC names are the hottest category right now  This auction at Sedo shows how well they’re doing    TRUMP, enough said.    Nice dot io to make a brand around.  Remember how important your lunchbox was as a kid?


MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

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