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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday November 9th, 2017

Domain owners have some terrible names.  We all do.   You could probably find some awful, unsellable names in 99% of every domain investors portfolio.   But the top domain investors have some gems at the top.  So when Konstantinos of OnlineDomain asked readers to post their top 3 domains it wasn’t very good.  Shows that there is a good amount of domain investors that still don’t understand value of names.  On DomainSherpa we used to go through people’s list.  Lists they would send to us and donate a good chunk of change to have them evaluated.  I always assumed they would send in their best names and they did.  But they still sucked.  I realize the profitable domain investors don’t have to participate in the “look at my names” games, but I guess I didn’t realize how large of a percentage of people have a shitty portfolio.

Truthfully, the first notion I had that Adam Dicker was a fraud is when we did portfolio reviews of Drew, Adam, and my own portfolio.  His was bad.  At least much worse than you would think a person of his experience and history.  Even mine was better than his.  I knew right there that he was full of shit.  I just didn’t realize he was taking people’s money.  I used DomainIQ to go through a couple public domainers porfolio and realized that a few of them talk a good talk but after looking at their portfolios I can see why they don’t share purchases or sales.   It’s a good reason to use privacy.  Literally don’t want your bad names out there for people to realize how bad it is.

When I buy a domain I ask myself a question “How many people would want this domain”.  Sometimes its only me.  Other times it could be the Chinese market.   Lately I have been trying to get “anyone that wants a strong brand” names.  Blowtorch, MonkeyWrench types.  But these are getting very expensive and now have to pay five figures wholesale.  I don’t think these go down anytime soon so I wait, save my money, and hunt. The larger the amount of people that can use the name for their business the more valuable it is. The longer its been held by a private individual the better chance you have of selling it.  But just forget I said any of this because most people are going to fool themselves into thinking everyone wants their name.  And that’s good for the industry.  Godaddy needs people to continue to buy names that will be renewed and sit in their portfolios.  We all have them.  Some more than others

On brighter note, my daughter officially signed to run for Syracuse yesterday.  It was signing day around the nation. Proud day.  Her hard work all paid off and she gets to do something she’s always wanted. Get a scholarship to run at a big Division I school.  It’s wonderful watching people reach their goals, especially your kids’.  Now the bar is raised and the next journey begins.  Here are today’s names, you have to click to see current price.    

Quote of the Day: “Few men have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder”  -George Washington

Domain of the Day:    Great name for smart glasses,  a bluetooth connection technology, or anything that comes in pairs.  4 bids

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction and  As expected, these two lead the NJ board in bids and price  Because we the world doesn’t need any more unwanted pets   I think this is the 4th .ws I recommended.  Yes I know there is ABC television but tens of thousands of other businesses are called ABC something.   Yes, I know its .ws and it sucks. Maybe you can make something out of sucks    Could be a brand and more than just selling chairs for the garden   Not a bad 5L for $69 IMO  This is the kind of name and reserve that wastes everyone’s time    Only 7 bidders on this one  As a horticulturist I have to point out you trim bushes, not shave them

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Speaking of ABC, this is at $2500  Means soup in Spanish.  Just kidding.   Sopa is soup in Spanish.  Still a great brand  1996 domain.  If you have a kid that uses their phone all the day you’ll get one.  Or a throttle sms  Looks like its going to hit four figures.  People with sensitive skin like pure   Its a town in Virginia, so I imagine it could also be a brand.  Was the king of Sparta.   Upgrade name for a ton of companies and things   Gotta be able to see when you run  Not the five digit name, FreeProxy but everyone will know the offerings  It’s cool because it ends in Z   To some this is a good thing

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  At least the title of your marketplace will be honest and  A lot of agriculture/bush names today Probably not much value but I love the name. Makes me smile just saying it  A bitcoin fork for the brain Can’t afford that’s at Flippa?  This is much cheaper.  Like no bidders cheaper.  But do you want to build a brand on dot cc?  Probably not but you could always upgrade later if your business flies  2003 birthday.   No bids at $12.  Fun to say.  Go ahead, say it.  Fun isn’t it?  I’ve seen much worse names for $12.  No bids.  It will have a bid soon  Memorable and easy to spell and say.  That’s a start

Other Domains With Bids
Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me Shane, or Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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      1. Let’s say it’s because it’s around the anniversary of when the Bushes got elected and there was a goldrush on those domains! Or at least that’s the PC version of events! 😉

  1. Hey Shane,
    Why not do a quick, old tyme Sherpa review of some of the good ones from Konstanino’s comments section. Leave off the home runs and the dumpster fires, but why not give a quick sentence about ten sleeper names and why the name may make a good brand or is valuable. He got 50 comments doing this – maybe some of you guys get together and cross merchandise a list of different domains. One blog make a list of “your best whatever domain” the other analyze. Might fill a void. Regards.

  2. This is one of the the few times I have to disagree with you in a round-a-bout kind of way. Or at least on the surface of what you said.
    To me, a good “domainer” is one who buys domains at “THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE WITH THE BEST CHANCE OF FLIPPING (demand) AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE” .. there’s a few factors that fall into that, but essentially it means that a domainer who buys solid 2 word .com’s at $xx or even closeout, then flips a high proportion of them at 10x .. in my books .. is a better “domainer” than one who strong arms their way into buying good domains at above liquid values.
    Don’t get me wrong .. there are some amazing domainers who are optimal in that calculation at higher numbers (Drew for example), and those are deservedly the superstars of the industry.
    I’ll also STRONGLY AGREE with you in that most domainers have absolute garbage in their portfolios … because if you have a portfolio full of domains you bought at $5 closeout, but they all of the type/quality that have little demand, then at the end of the day, their domainer “score” is essentially zero. All one needs to do is look at GoDaddy at the lists of domains with bids and you’ll see the VAST majority of those domains being bought are absolute garbage (although a small number of those are legitimately being bought for the traffic / CPC stats)
    That being said .. “SALESMAN ABILITY” is also something that needs to be factored into the equation. A big name domainer with a seemingly junky portfolio who actually does sell their domains and maintains an overall portfolio profit could be a still be good domainer despite their lack-luster domains. Because at the end of the day it is about profit.
    That being said .. a con-man can also have good sales for a bit .. but eventually .. well “Dicker happens” .. meaning you get found out. I truly don’t know him beyond the old Sherpa reviews that I listened to (published 3 years ago but listened to this year). But I’m guessing he used his development clout along with his “credentials” of being a GoDaddy executive to help reinforce his and justify potentially over-inflated prices of relatively crappy domains (I’m just going on what you said above .. I’m going to go back and relisten to that specific review)
    Time is also part of the equation that many also leave out. Where the type of superstar portfolio you talk about above is superior, is that it takes far less time to find those names .. as opposed to the smaller guys who slug through the lists a few hours a night.
    Probably my strongest domain is one that I bought years before making the decision to get into domaining .. it’s Diet // dot // info .. but I paid a good mid $xxxx for it .. which I still felt was good value at the time, but as a domainer I rarely talk about it because I don’t really think it’s all that relevant to my domainer skills (whether they are currently good or not .. lol).
    I sometimes played the game of what my 25 domains would be if I submitted them to the Domain Sherpa review, and each time I did that, I never even considered Diet // dot // info .. because despite it being my likely most valuable domain, and despite even the fact I bought it with some value to spare, it doesn’t really say anything about me as a domainer.
    In the same light I also asked Mike a couple of times to consider asking the portfolio owners from the reviews to list their purchase price and the renewal costs .. because without those numbers even the best experts have ZERO ability to judge someone’s skills as a domainer (aside from when the chances of selling were zero .. in which you can certainly say someone’s domainer score is zero .. as Drew pointed out more often than not … lol). What saved the day a few times was when one of you went to look up the purchase prices .. but if that wasn’t done, then I found the pure portfolio review to be useless to the submitter (their own fault for not giving the numbers), thankfully you guys stretched things out with fantastic sidebar information and opinions .. which is why I still found the reviews to be a fantastic wealth of information despite those key numbers.
    That’s why I like following you, because you seem to dabble across the board in terms of type of domain. It’s not .. or at least it wasn’t .. always the same thing and the same types of domains over and over again. So we generally learned something new.
    On a personal note, I’m fairly confident that I’m buying relatively decent domains (not superstar) at good value .. but I am still not complete as a “domainer” because despite having a few (relatively) nice sales, I still haven’t gotten into sales mode yet, and I am still in the red. That being said, I’m not overly concerned as this is essentially the end of the first year that I consciously became a domainer (as opposed to domain hoarder set on developing all my domains with the time I didn’t have .. lol). I had a perfect storm personal crap going on in my life (some is still there .. but it’s more manageable now). What’s worse is that looking back I think going through the lists to find gems was actually a form of stress relief .. I zoned out all the other issues going on to focus on getting those needles in the haystack. But now I’m finally sloooowly starting to get organized .. it’s a bit overwhelming because I’m “starting” with over 1500 domains .. so every step is long and tedious (I do have a real world job and obligations) .. particularly pricing and categorising .. lol .. but I’m getting there. Once I get my market place a bit nicer and organised, then I’m going to finally focus on the MUCH needed and overdue outbound .. after which is only when I’ll know if I’m even a good “domainer” or not .. lol .. because at the moment I’m pretty sure I’m a decent value buyer .. but that’s far from being a complete domainer … … Yet! 😉

    1. ok .. so I guess at the end of all that it’s not that I disagree with you .. lol .. it’s more that I think there are more hidden elements that aren’t always talked about .. or in your case .. likely implied without resorting to a super long text like mine .. lol
      Now i’m starting to figure out why it’s taking me so long to get all my other stuff organised .. lol .. ok .. back to “work”!

    2. Ategy,

      I am thinking we need to have you start writing here. You have a lot going on in that brain and I bet we can draw some magic out if you start doing some posts. Interested? I’ll email you if you are. The pay is amazing.

      1. Definitely interested .. although my price was a Jack and Coke while playing Craps with you at NamesCon! That actually had a lot of value to me .. not sure how you’re going to be able to afford me now! 😉 lol

  3. Regarding the sherpa show, something’s not right when the host has a better portfolio than most of the so called experts he’s interviewing.

    1. Tony,

      Drew has one of the best portfolios in the world. Add to the fact that we’ve all become friends and help each other buy names. Michael has certainly benefitted from learning and working with Drew. It’s only natural that his portfolio has gotten strong. One good sale and everything snowballs. Not unusual at all.

      1. My one sentence comment must’ve touched a nerve with you. There was no demeaning of anyone intended. Just an observation and the point being that appearances are not necessarily reality. My comment contained no personal attacks.

      2. I reread it and interpreted it differently the second time. That’s the problem with three sentences, it can mean many things to different people.

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