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It was no different than the end of every day.  Hop in the car and drive the 2.2 miles from the nursery to my house. But as we were leaving we see a ton of smoke coming from the field.  And its starting to get super thick.  My brother and I knew something was on fire so we drove out to what possibly has caught on fire.  Somehow either an old ember or heat in a compost pile has caught flame, or an employee lit some boxes on fire without permission.  Either way our burn pile is lit.  A 30 mph wind is not helping things and soon its big and moving fast.  We hadn’t burned our pile all winter and its probably a half an acre big and 15 foot tall.  The smoke becomes so thick you can barely drive to it and the neighbor across the street is taking a direct hit of smoke even though they are a good 1500 yards away.  There is no other choice but to call the fire department.

I have to admit, I’m embarrassed.  I can handle my own shit.  If I make a mistake I can usually fix it. I may have to call in some friends but I get it done. I can’t think of more than a few situations I’ve been in that I couldn’t take care of.  We needed some help here.  I needed the fire department and their water to keep the fire from spreading. If they didn’t it, was about to hit the heart of the pile and when that hits, we’re in a heap of trouble.  So I call and they came. Lights flashing. Letting the whole world we have a problem.  And they kept coming.   Eventually there were three water trucks with six hoses dousing the pile.  There was so much smoke I don’t think my car will ever smell new again.  I threw my clothes away.  My brother got the big articulating loader and covered things in dirt and made a big path down the middle of the pile to keep the fire from jumping.  And the men with the hoses worked the fire down and wet down the edges.

They got it under control but there were probably 15 guys out there working.  They looked like they were actually enjoying working together since their town isn’t very big and they don’t get many real fires.  Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better by saying they enjoyed it because I really hated to take time away from their dinner and their families.  I did tell them I appreciate what they did but I am going to take something down to the station tomorrow to say thank you.  I’ve always been appreciative for the work of everyone in civil service but I needed this reminder to make sure to thank them, even when you’re not using them.  They give up their safety and time to make our lives safer and that should never be taken for granted. Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price


Quote of the Day: “Remember to be yourself….unless you suck”  -Joss Weeden

Domain of the Day:  Five figure name IMO with CPC of online education.  The fastest growing and most profitable new area of education

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Get the 411 on everything crypto.  Five figure name IMO with CPC of online education.  The fastest growing and most profitable new area of education  Already has 31 bidders.  Virtual and crypto go together very well.   Surprised bidding on this is only at $10  100% sure this one hits reserve since its under $1000.   H for holdings   I like this one because o in the second to last spot is great for something something of something.  And OH can be Ohio  if typos are art then I’m Picasso . No bids.  1998 birthday   Fresh seafood is the best.  Living in Illinois we don’t have much available.  Only 4 bidders    I think Bee names are a good investment right now.  Bees are a hot industry right now  Looks like it going to meet reserve.  A for association  The Chinese sure are liking the numbers that start with Zero.


Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   It’s getting bids as a pronounceable not just an acronym   1997 birthday.   26 bids  And the award for fitting every hot crypto keyword into one domain goes too…..  Some of the better letters we’ve seen in a in the last few months on GD    This one isn’t too shabby either.  Might actually go higher than the above   Could be GAS like in crypto or find the best gas prices at the local gas stations  Nice 5L for under $150 IMO   I know what I think of first.  You probably do to.  Yep.  Hook rug making   Good for someone in our industry    89,000 backlinks have this as the highest price on the board   Love this one.  We all know C is coveted at the end   Good enough to have the dot net worth $500 or so wholesale IMO  Another one here   Upgrade name for quite a few companies and people  Positive name, just not positive it will meet reserve  Certainly easy to say, spell, and remember   Hundreds of millions spent on vape juice

Godaddy Names With No Bids   Upgrade name for a few companies  Makes it sound like if you pick them you’ve made a smart choice  Motorcycle shipping service. No bids  The gay garden is so much more fun  Has the best prices in town on Babes.  1999 name with one bid  The 88 should bring a few buyers  I think the dot org works really well with finding lost pets  Compare cryptocurrencies? A bit of a reach but  No bids.  I thought it was a clever name to sell WP themes. Nobody else agrees. No bids  I think brand bucket would take this one. Just a guess

Godaddy Names With  Bids

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Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Never feel embarrassed about precaution. Had you burnt down a neighbors’ house then that would have been embarrassing.

    1. Anthony,

      Good point. I am generally not the kind of person that plays the ignore something in hopes it goes away game. This fire is a good metaphor as to why not

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