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I’ll give you the short version.  The heat got to me at the Boston Marathon.  With a 75 degree start I knew I was going to have to slow down my pace.  I felt fine at 13 and 14 but at mile 16 I felt a little tired.  I usually don’t feel tired for another few miles.  I knew it was going to be ugly at the end.  I thought I was drinking enough but I was constantly thirsty, not a good sign.  At mile 18 I realized I was going to have to walk/run the rest of the race and just get it done.  At mile 21 I started getting sick to my stomach which is a sign you’re just piling liquids on top of each other but not taking any in the system.  I pretty much moved to a walk with a little running here and there. Mostly in front of the cameras and cute girls. It was miserable but I knew I would eventually get there.  But at mile 25.8 or .5 miles from the finish I got real dizzy. To the point I had to lean against the barricade for a second.  And then I passed out.  I’ve never passed out ever.  Not even from drinking to many beers or alcohol. I’ve felt like it during runs in the past but it had never happened.  But I did this time.  I remember feeling like I just fell asleep.  I was dreaming and felt a cool breeze and comfortable.  I woke up on the other side of the road with three policeman asking me questions.

I remember thinking.  I want to get these questions right.  So I need to take a little time and do a great job answering so they think I’m fine and don’t worry about me.  I thought to myself, wait a couple seconds to answer so you can think out a good answer.  Probably was the questions were “What’s your name?”   “Is this your first Boston”  “Have you ever run a marathon before”   I struggled with the answers but immediately said “I’ve run 30 marathons”   Just to show him I’m not a wussy.  Unfortunately not a lot of people go down with a half mile to go.  Thousands pass out at the end and miles 20-24 but not many where I was.  And they wouldn’t let me leave until a medic checked me out.  But there were no medics to be found.  I had to wait 45 minutes to get cleared.

I was literally a block from where I was staying and I said to the medic ” I just want to go home”  He told me he would walk me the block.  As we walked he said to me “We’re going to finish this thing”  “You’ve run this whole thing and the finish is around the corner”  “You can make it and I’ll walk you so if anything happens I got you”  He proceeded to take my arm and use his other arm to stir up the crowd.  It was touching.  So touching that I started to cry.  It was one of the nicest things anyone had done for me and with him walking with me and the crowd cheering for me I just became emotional.  He let me go with a few hundred yards and I ran across the finish and got my finishing medal.    I really didn’t think I cared but I am so happy I did finish.  It was by far the worst time I’ve ever run.  I ran 3:06 last year and finished this in 4:30 something.  Yet this may be my most memorable marathon ever.  It was miserable, painful, and scary but it made me stronger and smarter and became an important part of my journey.   A journey I am going to train hard to not repeat.  So thank you Boston Police and medical.  I can see why Boston is so proud of you.

And a special thanks to Elliot Silver.  Saw him at the expo and again at mile 13.   Great to hear someone cheer for you personally.  Meant a lot.   And amazing that I saw him in a crowd of hundreds of thousands.

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Quote Of The Day  ” The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time -Thomas Edison

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Domains with One or NO Bids A name. Not a very popular name but a name Used to describe the best of something. “its the tits” Or just breasts. No bidders Upgrade name for a few entities No bids. Big enough industry that the .net has some value IMO A bit long but live broadcasting is the hot thing right now Online crowd fund page. Tells you exactly what the site is for Compare the bitcoin sites and wallets If you have a product named dollar its your call to action name Several sites have the name Gamers HQ. I think The works in front Good marketing name for a pawn shop. No bids 80s term but I still use it. JK Last name and it also sounds like a drug Could be a market to have your things cloned

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Namejet Auction    Will cross $40K  IMO     I don’t like the J but I respect the CHiP   This is the kind of name that is increasing the most lately.  Good vowels and good last letters.  Seems like the Chinese are figuring out that names that sell to end users are the best names.  Another example.  Have been going up lately  Much rather have this than   Pending delete.  This is going to crush it with that pattern    If you have this skill set you will do better in business

Sedo and Flippa   3 bidders at $11.   No reserve.  No interest means free money   Great brand for a company.   Reasonable reserve IMO  No bids at $1 with No reserve



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  1. Chills reading this. Glad you are ok. Training for and running a marathon or triathlon is grueling. The physical, mental and emotional toll it takes on one’s body is so difficult to describe. You are right – it is all part of a journey. A journey worth taking.

    One of these days we will have to sign up for a race together. Until then I will keep working on my training and speed in an effort to catch up with you. 🙂

      1. Let me know when the ‘too soon’ time period has lapsed and I will have some additional feedback for you 😉 Maybe at the next Namescon 🙂

  2. Shane! What a story. I knew from reading that you were gearing up for the race but I would have never imagined what happened! Just curious, was your family freaking out?

    Abdul, the only thing I see on is the age (1997) and that the domain was host to The Boston Harbor Association for many years.

  3. Good job for sharing this Shane. It shows the kind of guy you are to expose your weaknesses like that. Glad it worked out well in the end! When’s the next one!?

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