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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday April 25th , 2018



The perfect end to a day.  I get a notice saying that one of my domains at Godaddy has been removed.  Its a name that I took off the renewal and was letting expire.  A name I bought for my daughter to use as an email and didn’t want it.  Turns out Gmail accounts are all Millennials use. Not really interested in a personalized email .  At least that’s what my daughter tells me.  But then I get an email saying “payment sent”.  So I go back to the email and see its not Godaddy but Afternic that sent it. The name I was going to let expired got purchased before it did.  Got purchased and fast transferred.   It was a pretty good chunk of change for a not so great name.   I hand regged it so I did pretty well.  I told my daughter and of course she wants the money.  I said I would give it to her to start investing in domains but she has zero interest in any of the work .  Only the profits.  Sounds like pretty much everyone I talk to

Ok the day didn’t end perfectly.  I don’t set meetings after 6 pm very often but last night I agreed to meet with a subdivision because they were getting so many trees.  At 4:30 I get a call asking what time the Hosta Club meeting was at the nursery.  I check my email to see if I was letting a group use the nursery for meeting.  I started thinking who I could have watch the nursery while they had their meeting.  But there was a problem.  I had completely forgotten that 75 people were coming to the nursery not to have a meeting but to hear me give a talk.  The talk was at the exact same time as the meeting.  I moved the meeting to the next day and gave an off the cuff 30 minute talk about companion shade plants for the garden.  The talk went very well for something that was winged and the subdivision was good with moving the meeting.  Everyone wins.  Except for me.  I got home at 8 pm.  And then I whipped out this thing. A day in the life of a plant grower.    Here are today’s domains.  Click to see the latest price


Quote of the Day:  “Money is the best Feedback”  – Claudiu Murariu

Domain of the Day:       I will be buying this one.  Price is no issue

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   Trump money  Great letters.  So many words that begin with I

There are some great names at Namejet right now but the reserves are just so high I have trouble recommending them today.  I’ll find some better names tomorrow….hopefully

And a Reminder Sedo is having another Great Domains Auction

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Laughing or you just got injured.  20 year old domain  19 year old that’s getting some good bids   In Asia a ghat are steps that lead down to the water or the river.  GD valuates at $8200    Take a glimpse at this one.  Not a big fan of past tense names but plenty of people that are bidding that disagree  Such a common name with accomplished people that shared it, that its getting some good bids  Lots of great uses.  Flash is an older naming convention but could make a comeback   That $39 CPC tells you why its valuable  People have always liked these short, silly, name  All consonants so $1200 here we come  Worse letters so probably worth more  I feel like G and X belong together.  Maybe its just me    X at the end has done well over the years.  I have no examples. Just feel it   The last name of one of the most famous singers.  I love Saylor Twift   I would probably sell it as Ebing.  Less problems with Bing  Asian name with $600 bid


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  Bees are all the rage.  All about feeding them and raising their populations  The Front Page of the Internet.  No bids  If this is your field of study I think it would be a great name for $12   BlockChain names are only going up in value right now.  Hasn’t peaked IMO   Get twice as much weed for the same price  Money is made on the rumor and ideas  When the price of propane or fuel goes up, these become very popular.  And good for recycling old oil  Because you know some Star Wars fan is going to want this one Sexy name.  Then again, I’m hungry  Natural and Organic  16 years old and no bidders

Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. is great domain. I went in on it early hoping it would somehow stay beneath people’s radar and in my price range, but clearly that didn’t pan out. Good luck!

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