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Jul 26 2017



Not a lot of time for stories today.  My daughter is working at dialysis lab this summer and was working on a recipe book for patients.  In general, patients with no kidneys tend to be overweight and on terrible diets.  In order to have live a better life they need to watch their foods to avoid water retention (less salt) and in general, eat healthier.  Long story short, my daughter did the whole book in Pages.  Apple’s form of Word.  She’s grown up in an Apple household and had always printed out her work for school.  Evidently this was the first time she shared a document.  Something you and I take for granted.  She couldn’t comprehend that you could send something and the other side couldn’t open in up.  She’s not from a time when comparability is an issue.  She’s grown up on the web.   So I spent last night talking her off a cliff of “how am I going to get this converted” and “this is so stupid that I have to do this”.   Fortunately there is an export to Word button that makes it pretty easy.   Of course my wife and I just laughed because we dealt with stuff like that our whole life and seemed commonplace.   Daughter doesn’t know how good she’s got it now  Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:  “Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Domain of the Day:    Might be my favorite name on the list.  Simple and outdoorsy

Namejet Domains   I like this one a lot .  Americans are all big and very memorable   Not the right spelling but people will still get this    Nice marketing name for anything that is intended to make you sharper or more intelligent  Oh yeah.  A no animal farm.   I think that’s called a garden  Since we’re on Vegan. ” umm son, could you grab me my Birkenstocks out of the Subaru?  I want to take the dogs to the park after I grab my dark roast”  Probably the best vegan name on the board.  My opinion only but I am the vegan specialist  I am a buyer of solar names  Not a bad marketing name   Sounds like they will solve your problem very expensively   Place and a thing.  I think it makes a good brand as well  Boston is a pretty fit city.  5 bidders  Nice brand.  Blue is a type of great dane

Sedo Names at Auction         Everyone loves to be admired.  One bid Getting some good bids.  Doing better than I expected   This is the opposite.  I thought it would do much better

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Easy logo.  16 years old    Nice 5L that is also people and places   Mine is have some fitness.  Getting four figure bids    Erotic emoticons   With the aging population Medical Alerts are going to be common place  I feel like may have a few things to say about this one   Two bitcoin wallet names that are doing very well.  Can’t go wrong with bitcoin names right now  Here is the other one    Mix Holdings.  Getting bids like a regular old   another one that would need a build out but lots of people are looking for auction advice   Find my phone for the rest of the world


Domains That I Like With One or No Bids Tennessee Voluteers is a trademarked term but I think you could use this as a fan site. 1999 domain A lot of money in Colorado. They can afford exotic cars The com is a five figure name. Most Cannabis is grown hydroponically or hydro It certainly can Gets some traffic. Will take a buildout

Other Domains With Bids
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