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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 21st, 2018


One piece of advice I would give a new domain investor is make sure to see what sells but don’t think that the sale has anything to do with your name.  Just because something else sells for $5,000 doesn’t mean that your name is worth that as well.  It can give you a sense of what it COULD be worth.  I cringe every time someone uses a comp to try and prove to me the value of a name.  I’ve been doing it long enough that I know what a domain will sell for at auction.  What it will sell for retail has just as much to do with who is buying and their budget as the quality of the name.  Deciphering why it sold for that much is the real trick.

On a personal note.  We have a step challenge going with four domain industry people this week.  My guess is it will take 110,000 steps to win it this week.  Our newest entrant is Doron Vermaat of Efty who joins, myself, Michael Cyger, and Christa Taylor this week.  Christa and Michael battled it out last challenge with Mike winning in the last few hours.  I know its cliche to say it but when you are moving you all are winners.  In all honesty they don’t have a chance with the nursery starting to get busy but the challenges do get you taking the stairs when you might normally take an escalator.  Or getting out and running when you really wanted to sleep in.   You head back to bed and you hear Christa’s voice saying “Get owt dair and run you hoser” and you get out of bed and hit the pavement. Whatever gets you going and this friendly challenge is one way to help.   Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price


Quote of the Day: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style  -Maya Angelou

Domain of the Day:  This one deserves more love IMO.  Huge market of online education and other than Classes or OnlineClasses this one is perfect for the space

Godaddy DOD:   will probably hit 5 figures today and six figures later

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   Billions are spent in the competitive space of medical funding.  Great name for a company that specializes in this type of raise.  33 bids  We all wish.  Play on someone’s dream.  One bidder  For all things Tech.  32 bidders already in on this one    Laptop sales hub or center in this case I would say its up to $2500 because most people use this for “Power of Attorney”  Popular term but probably best known as a Michael J Fox movie title. 76 bidders   A division of government in the UK.   Even if you don’t live there you probably have heard of it.  I think they still wear wigs.  Good shoes are one of the most important purchases you make.  That and a good mattress   All good letters and only $99 at press time   What the entire Internet is built on.  Like this name quite a bit   I stay away from crypto names as a buyer but this one has a reasonable reserve and I like the name.  Which is rare for me on the buy side   Nice combo.  Has a pretty good bid,, ,Cowboy and many more

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   The Chinese are going to love this one because of the flanking zeros and the triple 3.  750 plus views so somebody is watching  They used to try and sell these on TV.  Why not try and sell them on the net  19 years old.  Let them help you make some bank  Lets pretend for minute this isn’t going to be a porn name  A domain isn’t valuable unless their is good profit in the product or service.  There is plenty in physical and   Sounds like a tech company from the 80s  Fun sounding  Sounds like a Chinese restaurant.  16 bids at press time  Very corporate sounding cannabis name   origins in digital   16 year old 5L.  Under $50 at press time  Alabama crypto coin  Because you know some dentist is branding himself this way. Better than Mr. Toothy  I would want to own BSolar  Going to take a buildout which I don’t like but definite value when it is  Damn Fine Patterns   Four figure name already  Describes most of my social accounts

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  Upgrade name for a few companies  Essentially what a graphic designer does for your site.  At $12 I think a good CVCV is worth trying at $12.  My opinion only  College football can’t even compete with regular Bama. No bids. 1998 birthday  Not much value but we probably all have it  Decent tech brand for $12  Not much value but I bet Grandpa can answer a lot of questions  I have 4 but not sure if that gives this name value

Godaddy Names With  Bids
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10 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 21st, 2018”

  1. is an amazing name – I would bid 100k on it!
    Seriously- I’m selling it and I’m disappointed where it is right now. I thought it would go much higher- meh

    1. Richard .. don’t give up hope just yet .. most of the time auction action (say that 3 times fast) is in the last few minutes .. all it takes is two interested parties online and fighting at the same and that number could jump! 🙂

  2. Shane .. do you specifically need a Garmin to get in with you guys? In another week or two Steamie and I should be busting through the 10k/day average with ease! Going to be a little harder this year as I now have “split custody” with my ex .. lol .. but I really want to use that extra time to get back into running (aka likely slow jogging for a while) .. a little challenge could certainly help .. I used to use Nike Challenge (didn’t need Nike’s for that) .. it worked rather well a few years ago .. but it was for distance (running) not steps.

  3. – Real trendy domain right now. I like this domain. I hope it gets into 4 figures for ya. Seems worthy of that if someone built out a site selling or explaining mining.
    Good luck Richard.
    Your comment here… Sounds like a Chinese restaurant.
    This made me laugh.
    I go thru Chicago’s Chinatown often and can easily see this as a restaurant there, right next to ThreeHappiness. I think since it would be named LetsFun they would have to add karaoke though. Makes me think of Christmas dinner scene during the movie, “A Christmas Story”
    which is now making me hungry.

  4. >> Just because something else sells for $5,000 doesn’t mean that your name is worth that as well. It can >>give you a sense of what it COULD be worth
    Great point. All things being equal your name will sell for the same, but all things are never equal 🙂

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