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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 22nd


DSAD will be ending our relationship with Flippa as of today.  It’s not because they aren’t advertising with us.  That only ended the advertising relationship part.  Its because I can’t get anyone to communicate with us at all.  It got to the point where I had to message one of the founders on LinkedIn.  Then I felt like I was spamming him but I didn’t have anyone else to contact.  He did what all people that don’t want to be bothered do,  and said he would have someone contact me . Months later and a few followups…..nothing.  I feel like Flippa for domains is an afterthought.  The only thing that kept it afloat was Kevin Fink.  He did everything and now that he is gone its like a cruise ship floating abandoned in the ocean.   The owners have moved on to other ventures. Other boats. They are smart entrepreneurs and have made good money and have moved on to their next big project.

Aaron and I used to talk to Kevin quite a bit discussing things that could be done to make the site a better platform.  Some got done but most of the time his hands were tied and even he had communicating with the “bosses”.  Kevin was on the forums answering questions, putting out fires, and the face of Flippa.    People leave all the time.  Some times its for the better.  Escrow has moved on since the loss of Brandon Abbey.  There were hiccups but they are doing a great job despite many people wanting them to fail.   I did not want Flippa to fail. I have said a thousand times we need as many good auction houses and liquidation centers as we can get.  But they are failing now.  They were hanging on by the dot io thread and dot io peaked and is on the way down.  Leaving them as a website selling platform.  I could be wrong but I haven’t been yet when it comes to the future success of a domain company.  Well, except for dot WS, I didn’t see the suck in We Suck. Except for the emoji side of .ws.  That’s pretty cool   Here are today’s names Click for current price

Quote Of The Day:  “One of the funny thing about the stock market is one person buys, the other one sells, and they both think they are astute.  -William Feather  ”

Domain Of The Day: Solid name for online collaboration. Getting four figure bids

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids      The generic for Flex Seal  An old pharma company that got bought out.  Now you can own the name.  1994 registration    $300 is the floor price on these     When I think of LA I think of talent management.  And the Hustler store but that’s just me   All the bids are hoping the company that operates on the .co wants the dot com.      Antibodies or acting against humans. Getting some good bids     Online mortgage and loan rates.  No bids   Bitcoin name with a few bids.  Met reserve    “Good videos about good nutritious food”   Camo is the uniform here in Central IL.  I wish I owned Mossy Oak. 2 bids    59 bids on this one.  Upgrade for the Indian company of the same name    Great Western letters.  Under $600 is a good deal IMO   Sounds like a food magazine from the 80s    All with consonants are worth looking at and possibly owning IMO.  They use them in China.   Once I started reading about campaign and hiking I found out how passionate people that do it are. They will read trail journals for hours a day.   Keep an eye on 6Ns

Domains With One or No Bids Everyone wants to be different and unique See the most beautiful state in the US on a bike or a motorcycle No bids. Not too bad of a background check name for $12. 1999 name 1997 registrations. Watch people hurt fall. Ha Ha Certainly would say exactly what your product would do You’re going to see a lot more of these now that sanctions are being lifted. No bidders I just put it here because it has Bud in it. I don’t know much about it but I know its something that is a big part of future science. 250 million Google results when I type it in Banana with an F No bids. Passes the radio test. That’s a start

 SEDO  Very nice CVCV.  Might be a tough reserve to meet though  After , this is my favorite name at Sedo auctions right now

Namejet Auction  Sounds like a candy, terrible if its nuclear,  but its what are kids have all too often.    Has a chance of actually making reserve.  Nice name under $50K  Used to be Adam Dicker’s name.  I hope they cleaned his filth off it before they deliver it  Fits the kind of I am buying to a T   No Reserve.  Good name for a worksite or kids Internet limiter      Grandparents take computer courses.  Millennials take coding   Tony probably would like to have this    You have to be in banking or finance to know what this is.  If you are, you do  The dot IO market is down a little but billions in ink refill still.  Which is ridiculous


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