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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday March 23rd


There hasn’t been a like up for auction in years and its going to sell today. Even back in 2010 and 2011 this would have been close to $10K when the normal were still at $1000.  I think even at this price its a good buy.  I don’t have the cash or I would be all over it.  I am in the middle of buying something or I would go halves with someone as well.   Speaking of halvsies.  You would be amazed how many domain investors split names.  Every day I hear of someone going in with another domainer on a name.  Not many businesses where a simple text says “hey you want in on half of this $50,000 thing? ”  With a “sure, let me know when you need me to send the money”  Shows there is a lot of trust and cash in the in certain parts of the industry


Here are today’s names Click for current price

Quote Of The Day:  ” Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.  Trouble is I don’t know which half -John Wanamaker ”

Portfolio Of The Day:   HUGE Portfolio of 299 Domains Published at Brandbucket.  Seller has had good success with his names

Domain Of The Day:   A typo for Medical or in the case of startups, a cool way to spell it and get a cheaper domain

NameFinds’s Big Auction Closing Today at GD      Only 99 of these.  The dot coms are worth millions and to me the lower the number the better.  Bidding says not everyone agrees   10% of the dot com says it should be $1500 Plus   Doing the best of the NN.orgs at press time  One more   The double four and the dot net scares some people off so may end up being a bargain   Same concept here  The most famous zip code in the entire world     I see puppy and kitten adoption   Bitcoin all the way  “And Chive On”  is the price drive    Manipulation of Data     Not many chances to own a two letter dot org  A beautiful place to vacation   Even more rare than a    Find something to buy    I’m sure there is a difference between a condo and a townhome but for brevity’s sake lets say a townhouse is more expensive  Payday loans  Payday loans.  Might as well get the pair  Two letter dot any thing com, net, .org is worth owning   Way above minimum.  Getting some great bids   Hard to go wrong with a good Pet name the last decade.  Unless you are and that didn’t work out so well

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    The word for Lemon in Spanish.  Limon is Lime   Virgin in Italian.   Giggity giggity  My guess it will be used as a brand for productivity not actually selling index card holders    9900 backlinks.  Works perfect with the dot org.   A fertility treatments aren’t cheap  Big money in Occupational Medicine.  Perfect name for service or advisors in this field    Once you get hurt this is where you go   Impossible to get married without receiving a few of these.  19 years old.  24 bids    I feel like it should be worldLy but hasn’t stopped all the bidders.  21 years old    “corrupted” in Spanish    Even pregnancy is get ’em in, get ’em out.   Nice marketing name for medical business that offers this service.  Also known as Outpatient surgery   Surprised how many bids this was getting.   Turns out to be famous philosopher from England.  I admit, I don’t know my philosophers very well.    If you’re going to do .cc you need short or strong keywords   17 years old.   I just moved up from the Q system   At $400 but I’m not sure why.  I do realize that mattresses have to go somewhere.  I just assumed thats what dumpsters were for.  I may have just answered my own question    You probably knew it would cross $2500   No 4s or zeros has been getting three figs lately   Was a previous font download.  Must have been a heck of a download given the current price, and    Are the expired LLLL.coms for the day.  All are bottom level names but all have been eternally liquid

Domains With One or No Bids Registered 16 years ago. Lots of activities that need guides Sounds like a dating app. No bids Reminds me of Rick Schwartz, he is a big listener Not sure it has much value but if you bought it you would be holding thatthought Canadian geese are such a problem that many neighborhoods hire dogs to chase off the Geese each week. So it is a thing The most memorably name on the list today Much better name than Zyppah    Fleet tracking is a business. We use them on our trucks.  One bidder at $12



Sedo has some of the best names they’ve had up at a Great Domains Auction in quite a while

ENDS TODAY so you’ll want to check it out


Namejet Auction   At $69.    I can think of a few uses but a cheat on your spouse site keeps coming to mind    Only one other way to get there from the US   23 years old and ends in C   The X is a holder that makes it cheaper but no less memorable    Triple repeater at front is both collectable and an acronym  Met reserve so its going to change hands.  Great Western letters   Baseball or textile.   Or a new brand  My friend sold the website DorNob for a lot more than this will sell for.  Reserve is fair but probably won’t be reached here  One of the very few .co that I would like to own   Great comedy channel name but then I look at the reserve and nope.  Worth it for an end user  Because you there will be cannabis diet ads soon

Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

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