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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 28th, 2018

Something I really work on is my gut health.  It sounds a little weird but I think the entire body and mind is driven by the gut.  It’s been proven you can achieve more physically and mentally with a healthy gut.  One of the guys I read and listen to is Chris Kresser .  He has some great info about the effects of gut health.  I work hard trying to reduce sugar and processed foods in my stomach and take probiotics to try and build up the good stuff in my gut.

And then I get sick and all that goes to shit.  I push and push and don’t rest and regardless of my body’s health I can’t stop the rampage of the flu.  I didn’t get a flu shot that was a mistake.  I kept running despite my not feeling normal.  And then to cap it off on the day I feel the worst I get called in to plow snow all night.  I never had a chance.  I got a Z pack to reduce the chest infection which they felt was not the flu but I also got the flu.   A double whammy.  The worst part is the antibiotics in the Z pack destroyed the gut health that I have been building all winter.  It goes in and non selectively kills everything in its path.  Great if you are fighting infection but it leaves you with a weakened immunity once you are all better.  I’ll take the non infection easily so I don’t die but I am kicking myself for getting so run down.

I also missed two days of work.  The first two days I’ve missed since 1991.  Yes I’ve been sick before.  It just always to be while traveling. Or timed out so I didn’t miss full days. I always try and go in and see how things play out.  That usually makes me feel better.  Just getting up and moving.  But traveling always gets my immune system.  An airplane stuffed full of germs and being out of my routine usually sets me up for not feeling my best.  But its usually just a small thing.  If you take out the Domain Conferences and I haven’t been sick ever in the last 15 years except for food related illness while traveling in 3rd world countries.  (note to self, don’t eat everything offered)

The only positive in this whole ordeal is my appetite. It never went away.  Laying in agony I was still hungry.   And my stomach was fine too.  Never very nauseous.  Because I was always eating my wife definitely questioned my true sickness.  She pretty much ignored me the whole time.  Zero empathy in my family when someone goes down.  I got the hint when she wrote “pussy” on my forehead while I was sleeping that she didn’t think I was really sick.  To get her back I wear a mask everywhere we go like the Asians traveling . And I’ll keep wearing it until the Sharpie wears off my forehead.  Here are today’s names.    Click on them for current price

Quote of the Day:  “Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work”  -Ralph Marston

Domain of the Day:  I think its one of the best names on the board today but only has one bidder

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Closes today.  Already at $600K.  I would buy it but the way my checking and savings work I would have to transfer my savings to my checking…anyway. It would take some work   I always feel justified when a name I like has Taryn as a top bidder  The C and the consonants put his about $1200 using my vast historical knowledge    1999 domain. Letter “o” dash 2. Oxygen. Three character. Many, many
companies worldwide with o-2 or o2 in name   Odd form of the word but I think people like the positivity of it.  Getting close to reserve.  At least on the left side range of the reserve   Officially a color but also a great brand    Anytime you can get an that ends in C under $150 I say take it.  My opinion only   $2K bid and met reserve.  Pretty big political name for the price IMO  Instantly have a new moniker with one purchase  If you like first name .io  Solid gambling name.  Jet and bright are great naming conventions  Like I said, jet and bright are good naming conventions


Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   This has the most bids.  A lot of money in student loans   What everyone is trying to reach.  Or most people are. 1997 birthday  Been there many times in Chicago.  A few times I’ve been drunk and walked around the painting on the floor thinking it was a pool.   Surprised they missed this one   Good name to sell natives or non GMO plants.  I think it would work on its own as a brand   Used to be an old manuscript of 25 pieces of paper, now a cool tech name.  Already past 4 figures   Great letters.  Should cross $1K based on past sales these last few months   This is WAY above where I thought it would go. Does have 12,000 backlinks and a 1996 domain   I like the LLLL.coms with I in the front for International or Illinois  20016 name.  Just crossed $1K   Definitely going to go to some product or service that cleans    I thought his was a name but with quotations and without everything comes up “In God We Trust”   looks like religion it is   The double G part is nice.  K is a little tougher.  Except in Germany and there are plenty of words   like the name just not sure anyone can spell it    Not a bad name for a collaboration or crowdsource project.  Has a few bids    Most Google results come up for actor but all the bids suggest it has much better uses

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  I think all that are good pronounceables are worth $30.  This is at $12  Might be worth a flyer for $12 for an online education name Sounds like a 90s alternative rock band.  Or an IPA No Bids. Might be an upgrade name for a company that provides exactly this  Should probably just go with Cat Whisperer  Upgrade name for a couple entities  Not sure if these names still sell on Brandbucket

Godaddy Names With Bids
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  1. So after all that .. are you actually feeling better now?
    All you need now is a wizard hat to combine with what your wife wrote on your forehead and you could be a genuine Pussy Wizard! 🙂
    I used to be sick all the time when I was younger .. runny nose winter and then hay-fever rest of the year and other allergies. My real world job has me frontline dealing with the public and touching all sorts of germs all day long … from a few years after I started I’ve rarely been sick .. significantly less compared to before.
    Maybe the trick is for you to regularly eat garbage so that you build up your immunity! I can send you over some McDonald’s coupons if you’d like! 😉
    Did names like ever really sell on BrandBucket? Sure they sold a handful thanks to a lot of traffic going their way that were specifically looking to buy .. but I really question how many such domains sold vs how many didn’t vs how many non extra-repeating-letter sold.

  2. Shane, I’m in Florida traveling and caught the flu. I called my cousin who lives here asking for a doctor to get a zpak. He told me forget the doctor and just take half teaspoon of vitamin c crystal once a day. Within 36 hours the flu was gone. It builds up your immune system knocking out the flu. Simple remedy that works!

    1. Thank Joey. I take enough vitamin C every day that I pee orange juice. Z pack is not for flu its for an infection. Totally different things. I just happened to get
      both at the same time. Totally unrelated. I also take airborne any time my body is under stress. I agree that vitamins are good, extra doses do boost but I am totally boosted all the time so nothing left to
      add that won’t get pee’d out.

  3. I cannot believe your wife actually did that. She sounds like a riot!
    …unless you are sick, and sleeping.
    Sharpie even. Wow. Animal House, you have over there. Kudos to Mrs. Cultra
    . never was up and I checked early in the am. Wanted to buy it and give it to him. I live very close to his club. Met him several times and actually have his signed guitar right here in my office. Everyone around here calls it Buddy Guy’s. It is actually Buddy Guy’s Legends, but people never call it that. If you have never seen him live, you really have to.
    Josh, another mutilated picture 2 days in a row now…lol
    Lots of abuse last coupla days. Poor Shane. 🙂

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