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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday July 9th , 2018


I don’t know what happened but as soon as I started getting close to 50 this switch in me made me start loving sports cars.  It was probably the fact that my friends have some that I get to drive and its just so much fun to drive.  Takes an ordinary drive to the store and makes it fun.  One friend has a Porsche GT-S and the other has a Mercedes AMG E-63 station wagon. The Porsche is amazing but the station wagon is the sleeper.  Its crazy to drive and unbelievable quick.  Both take corners like the tires have glue on them.  And both make you hold on to the wheel with two hands if you give it any kind of gas.  I’ve been letting my friends absorb the cost while I get to get the desire out of my system with a few hours of borrowing.  Other than being a terrible investment I have never purchased one because of the maintenance cost.  $400 oil changes, $10K clutch changes, $3100 brakes.   What I found talking to each of them is that the AMG, the Porsche and my neighbor’s 488 Ferrari all pretty much cost the same for the maintenance.  About $4-$5 per mile.  Insurance is roughly $3K to $3500 per year for $100K car.   I won’t be buying anything soon but I will continue to look and read every day.  Knowing that a sports car hobby is for the very rich and I am not there.  That’s Schilling money.  I’ll have to be satisfied with reading and every day.

This week’s bidding was very light.  I was pissed I missed bidding on  I just plain forgot.   I did bid on a domain at DropCatch.  I kept thinking it was Virtua which would be worth a lot of money but even with the E, I liked it and put in a $450 bid.  Not even close.  Flew past my number all the way $815.  Another I wasn’t disappointed to miss.  I have price points and if they don’t get it done then there will always be tomorrow.   Only Media Options prints money.  I have a bucket that collects little drips of it from the roof.  Takes a while for me to fill the bucket so I have to jab and move, jab and move.   Maybe today we can find a good one. If you like the names below, click through to see the current price

Quote of the Day: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self”   -Ernest Hemingway

Domain of the Day:  Triple six for only $20

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   No bids.  This idea comes into the public discussion every so often.  Be ahead of it for $69  Closes today with no reserve.  Love the brand    Could be used for so many things. Medical comes to mind first.  At $1 at price time   Easy build out.  World Coin Index is a pretty popular site    Cooking or culinary name

Portfolio of 41 Names    No reserve.  $3 per name at press time  Like this as an authentication name n    Data management   “The best prices on loans. Direct from the lenders”    All the online ads sound like this    Ad and Spam blocking software   creative play on Bon Voyage  Pretty big keyword.  Not sure if the .cc has much value.  I guess we’ll find out  Might be big enough crypto name to make the .net worth something

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Can anyone tell me why this is the high price on the board today?  I mean second highest price   My favorite name on the list.  I like coins   20 bids.   Sounds like an app   Short little vacations are a necessity in the US with everyone working so much  Backlinks, 1200 monthly visits, and 46 bids   Half the internet is run on WordPress and its plugins  Solid $26 CPC and I’m sure many people have typed this into Google

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  1998 birthday.  Very easy logo for this $12 media name   Celebrity blogs are staring to fold pretty quickly but I say buy at the bottom (but don’t buy this because I said that)  1999 domain.  Pretty good auto blog name.  then again Jalopnik isn’t the strongest name and its doing very very well Going to be a marketing name most likely.  Just curious what the product will be.  No bids. 2000 name  I’ve sold two .cc to Catholic Churches (CC)  Around the clock security  Safer is always better.  Not as fun, but overall a good move  A cheaper alternative to eSports  It has chain in it.  That’s all I got  Sounds like someone is going to be on it when we need them  Hard to believe this one only has one bidder.   Guarantee it won’t finish there   We still doing Drone names?  It’s called college costs

Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Can anyone tell me why this is the high price on the board today? ==> Since this domain have sale history i.e. previously sold for 20K @sedo 11th Feb 2009

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