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Jul 08 2018

Of all the things I’ve learned in domain investing one of the most important one is to keep the cost down by not buying stupid names on a whim.  I still have names that I registered for no other reason than at the time I laughed. I dump a few here in there but some  accidentally get auto renewed,   A few of them I keep because I still laugh when I see them.  Like and but others I am letting go like CutraPersonality or CultraClub.   I have dozens of others that I thought were good at the time. I hand regged GolfWithTrump and while creative, really isn’t going to make me any money.  I am going through my portfolio with a realistic eye and getting rid of the complete junk.  If I am not sure I will put it up at auction.  I will only keep the names that I think have some chance of getting purchased through BIN at Afternic , has value at auction,  or is a five figure name or more.  I feel at this point I know the difference.  I am working through all my longer numerics and letting Godaddy auction them on a no reserve 7 day auction.  If they hit the $20 then off they go.  I don’t want any more 6N.coms in my portfolio.  If anyone wants to buy them cheap from me before I put them all at auction, let me know.  The almost all start with 8 and have one zero in them.   Time to get lean and mean in the portfolio.

Today we switch over to my bidding on Namejet.  I found a few names I really liked at Namejet a few days ago.  One of the best selling tropical plants we sell is Mandevilla.  If you live in Florida you probably know the vine. Comes in a variety of colors and climbs and blooms all the time.  In Illinois it dies in the winter but in warmer places its a perennial.   I have found over the years that popular plant names make excellent brands.   I felt Mandevilla would be such a name.  And the backup is that its a plant that sells in the millions of units.  I bid $350 and like many of my bids, I completely forgot about it.  I was extremely happy when I got the Congrats email saying I had won it at $333.

The other name I bid on was Daggo.  A name right in my wheelhouse of and the CV repeating consonant then vowel.   I would have bid up to $200 but put in my bid at $120 and set my timer. I never set my timer unless its a big boy name or a name I want to be a part of the bidding at the end.   I missed the timer.  It went off.  I was with a customer.  I forgot. Again pleasantly surprised when I got the email saying I won at $79.  I can almost 100% guarantee I make money at $79.  Pretty sure I could put it up at auction again and make a profit.

Between the two I consider the day a solid day.  I didn’t sell anything but a good buy helps leads to a good sale.  I think I got some solid buys Friday.   Now on to today’s names up for auction.   If you like the names below, click through to see the current price

Quote of the Day:  The worst feeling is not being alone, it’s being forgotten by someone you could not forget

Domain of the Day:         My favorite name on the board.  Under $70 at press time but would be surprised if it ends under $400

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   Name almost sold for $10,000 not that long ago.  One bid at $100 and ends today    Education domain all the way.  No bidders   Not just Epic but double Epic    I see this as a brand of More rather than meaning additional  I think this could be a five figure name.  Working out the brain is as important as the body.  Lots of startup money in the space   Could be a strong enough call to action to make the .net have value   I’m always amazed how well wart domains do. went for $5K  Everyone has an app idea.  Only coders and app writers can make it come alive   I think the reserve is fair on this one.  Would make a great show name   Upgrade name for a couple of big companies  1999 domain with no bidders.  Seems like it would keep me organized  No bids.  Would make a great tax accountant name.

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   1992 domain for all you old domain collectors   Huge population of readers………unless Trump has his way. 21 years old   Nice holding company name.   A lot of companies called Home.  Godaddy gives it a value of $10K.  Bidders give it a value of  Hopefully some new POS scanning tech company will want this  Getting some bids.  Just to be clear, I like taxis of all colors   Americans in general just don’t like Russians.   I always assumed it was because of the Rocky thing  One of my favorite names on the board.  Very positive  Tell me how.  I’ll pay to find out  2nd highest price on the GD board today  Everyone has one. “now that’s a fire!!!!!!!”  Funny because I think if it was it would go for three times this.  I think this is a four figure name  Most bids on the GD board


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  No bids.  I think this will end up selling for over $250  Rims are what sets the car off.  Google Exotic rims and you’ll see how many people sell them  Not a bad name for $17  Nice with no bids  John really is lazy.  Maybe he can monetize it.  Solid marketing name for $12  Short enough for me to give .biz some value. Under $20 at press time 1999 birthday

Godaddy Names With Bids
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