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After 10 years of non stop talk about it, most readers know that I am in to running and exercise.  I’ve pretty much tried everything from a few Ironmans, marathons, 50 milers, long distance swimming and biking, and a few mountains.  I’ve realized its not so much as how I do at the event but that I enjoy the training.  I like the hard work that has to be put in to do well.  I’m not sure if I lucked out with the right body or just have the mindset to put in the work but I’ve never been about just finishing an event that takes less than 15 hours.  I know 15 hours is about how long I can stay on my feet moving the entire time.   I’m already on my feet 15 hours a day so moving forward isn’t really that much different.  I am more interested in seeing what is capable for a 50 year old guy.   My bag of excuses why I can’t go faster has one excuse in it.  I’m tightening up as I get older and its harder to move faster.  I have to spend 15 minutes after every workout just stretching to make sure I can go at it hard the next day.  Other than that, my results directly correlate to the effort I put in.
Imagine that, the more work I put in, the better the results.  Pretty simple lesson.  A lesson that is lost with so many.  They want what others want but when they found out the time and effort required they move on to their next want.  Or they look for a short cut.  Eventually they figure out that it doesn’t exist.  But, there are a few technology gadgets that have helped me in my goals.  Here are my favorite three.
The Whoop bracelet
The Oura Ring
Garmin Watch ( I have the 235 but upgrading soon)
This is a domain blog so I won’t do reviews on the items but they really do change how you work out.  You can Google them. They give you data on your recovery, your effort, and your quality of sleep.  Making sure you have optimal sleep by checking your HRV and Resting Heart Rate is a key to recovery and hitting your workouts hard.  Having a gadget measure your total day’s effort has been helpful in knowing how hard go at the next day.   Add all this and a nutritionist and it’s amazing how good you can feel each day.  The brain is so much clearer and the body is working with you instead of against you which allows you to get so much more done each day.
PS:  Another Gullwing Mercedes is up for auction if you’re looking for an investment other than Domains
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Domain of the Day:   The only thing left to talk about is how high it goes.  I say $10K plus

Quote of the Day: “My father said there were two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better”  -Marlo Thomas


Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction   Met reserve so it will sell.  21 years old.  First time on the market  19 years old and also met reserve.   Name exudes savings   Upgrade name for several companies   Sounds like an electric car range comparison site   Short and pronounceable and under $100.  All the makings of a good brand  Learn how to make high quality sushi    Something temporary     Not sure why I know this term but it’s a term to describe a flamboyant hip hop lifestyle  11 bidders.  1999 birthday.    Great business name or just as a marketing name.   No reserve    1997 birthday  I thought I might be the only bidder on this one.  Completely wrong Don’t know what it means but sounds cool and I like saying it

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids    Not getting the love it deserves IMO.  But its not over yet    Can’t believe a bank hasn’t already taken this one  Every person has to take driving school once, sometimes twice if you mess up   Next food delivery company in the making  If you see a pronounceable take it.   Not advice, just a thought  I would invest in it if it were truly tied to the weather   Pretty sure all tweet are live but people still like the name  Although the name probably would keep men away.  But spa might do it to    I think Jet will refer to fast rather than advertising that has anything to do with Jets    1999 birthday.   That’s back in the day when you could have just talked about this domain, gone public, and raked in tens of millions      I hate it when Aunt Flow visits Lady Town each month


Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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