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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday August 9th , 2018

I’ve learned a few things over the years about what people want to hear.  One.  They want to hear how you made the money. It’s great that you made money but they really only care about how THEY can also make that kind of money.  If the article or speech doesn’t tell them how to do it then it better be a damn good story about the journey.  As much as people like to learn to make money, they enjoy a good story.

Two.  They want to hear about the lifestyle that comes with money.   They don’t want to hear a brag, they want to hear about the stupid stuff you purchased and why it was stupid but you enjoyed the hell out of it.  Anything entertaining.  I think Frank Schilling has missed so many opportunities to give incredible speeches over the last few years.  He has an incredible story and can be as entertaining as anyone in the industry.  Instead the speeches of late are about selling Uniregistry.  He mentioned buying fuel for his jet in a speech and everyone just shook their head.  He doesn’t realize they don’t want to hear about the jet.  They want to hear about the journey to the jet.  He has a go to story about selling a group of domains that he thought he sold for a set price but the check came in 8 times that and realized the buyer thought that was an each price instead of for all of them.  People love that story and I bet he has 100 more of them.   That’s a speech we all want to see.

There are so many good talks and stories to be had in this industry if someone asks the right questions.  Michael Cyger was the best at getting these stories.  There hasn’t been anyone before and since that had that ability.  Andrew Alleman is close but he doesn’t draw out the extended answers that Michael did. He’s a little quick to get to the next question.   It’s not a knock on him.  I think he is the best news reporter in the business.  Interviewing is a learned and honed skill.

The current Domain Sherpa does a good job.  They’re working hard but I would be lying if I didn’t say its still not the caliber of Cyger. We didn’t realize what a talent he is until he wasn’t.  Again, it is learned and the Sherpa team will only get stronger  and better.  There is no lack of domain expertise as Drew is the best in the business and Tess is getting better every day. They just had this giant Cyger shadow that is hard to get out of.  The whole entertainment and information side of the domain industry is in that shadow.  In the meantime I’m looking forward to the next star to shine.

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Quote of the Day:  “If you don’t build your own dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.“-Tony Gaskins Jr.

Domain of the Day:                   I think this would be a great buy under $1000

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  App or easy button to of course….share…a  Would be a good for site similar to Legal Zoom   Good name for a company in our industry   Get your new $3000 gravel bike here   Considered one of the most photogenic places in Colorado  The CVCV have been plentiful lately but most haven’t been meeting reserve. This may   Should meet reserve.  Most Homes have it

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Talked about this one Monday.  Would be great if it was a travel and explore name but probably going to a senior living    Las Vegas life   27 bids already    I’ll put it here because its a memorable brand  An old Irish name but being bid like a popular one  Buy one share at a time.  Pretty sure there are other companies offering this  A bit generic for me but bidders like it   Landscaping and maintenance names continue to sell  Too many names sounds just like this one. Yet still bids are coming    Poker names could make a comeback but will never reach the old days


Godaddy Domains With No Bids Because you know that wine drinking girls will call themselves this   Sounds like a Japanese food.  But would make a great brand  Anonymous buying  View historic posts. No bids Doesn’t mean anything to me but love the sound of the brand   Private airport parking is doing very very well.  And its a lot cheaper  Love this one.   Great gambling site name

Godaddy Domains With Bids

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  1. Shane,

    I agree 100% about the personal journey stories. There are not enough of them. People need a mix of inspiration. They need a peek behind the curtain. They need to know that the super brokers are human, and not just flying around the world like Midas. 100% success stories is like the domain version of the yoga girl on instagram with 500k followers. Her highlight reel is not as interesting as what goes on off camera.

    Drew has said on Sherpa many times that he knows where the bodies are buried and one day he will write a book. I’d love to hear those stories today. Names can be changed of course.

    So many people say this is the wild west, but the best stories seem locked behind saloon doors.

    I’ve got lots and lots of tricks that serve me very well, but I’d love to hear the stories that are shared over beers at Namescon by the industry titans.

    I’ve got time to listen to “tales from the frontlines” podcasts all day long. I can’t drink beer with most of you guys, but it would be the next best thing.

  2. Frank putting uniregistry up for sale makes me very nervous, and should make others nervous also, thanks, for this info, I intend to halt any new transfers there now as I believe a corporate ownership structure would gut the place.

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