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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday February 20th, 2020

Another day of doing research and gathering pictures for my web site. Yesterday started out as one of those days. Terrible weather that threatens to take a precious day out of the week. You only get so many days and when the weather is bad you hate to have to stay in the house all day. The wind was unusually high at 35 mph sustained and 50 mph gusts. I did a 12 mile run that felt like I was running into a brick wall. It was so bad that you just got pelted with sand on the beach and if you got out of your chair it got blown into the water. I took a look at the island and figured I could find a place where the beach would be protected from the wind. So off we drove looking for beaches that had some wind protection.

We found a nice beach in South Kohala that was much better until it wasn’t. When we got there the wind seemed pretty light compared to what we just face. We could at least open our eyes. It was actually perfect because it gave a bit of a breeze that kept you from getting too hot. You know the kind that gives you the worst sunburn of your life because you couldn’t feel the heat. But then the winds picked up from off the ocean and did the same thing. Different wind, different direction, same problem. It was obvious we weren’t supposed to be on the beach that day. So we decided to hop in the car and start exploring. I had never headed north using the North Kohala road but had always wanted to see where it went. My wife and I have been coming to the Big Island for 15 years but for some reason had never taken that route. My Mom and I decided since we couldn’t go to the beach we might as well drive around.

What I saw was the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen. I can’t believe I’ve missed this all these years. Rolling hills, ocean on every side, and not a house to be seen. Untouched beauty. No point in taking a photo because the next turn was even prettier. The wind had brought us to new found beauty. I turned on every lane that headed left towards water. Most were just roads that lead to an old hidden house or a dead end road. But one lead to what looked like an old abandoned port. There was old equipment and train tracks that led up to it. The site was full of locals which is always a good sign. You can tell they are locals by their tan and their cars. Deep tans and no Jeeps or mustangs. I knew this place had to be special because locals can go anywhere and they came here.

I asked the lady what the place known for. She said snorkeling. The location was an old sugar can factory and this was a port that would take the small boats full of sugar cane out to the big boats. In its day it moved a ton of sugar cane but was abandoned 50 years ago. The fish have now taken it over. And there were some types of fish not seen anywhere else on the island. I’ve read every guide book about the island and while I’ve seen it, they haven’t mentioned the spot with much detail. It’s almost like the guides were doing the locals a favor and not listing it. It simply was the best snorkeling I’ve done on The Big Island and maybe anywhere in the world. Easy in and out. 20 feet deep but water clear as bottled water. Fairly calm water. Even my Mom was able to get out and swim around.

We both just laughed that we found the best snorkeling place by pure luck and vowed to come back tomorrow. As we talked about it, in the distance two whales jump out of the water. I knew it was whale season but I had never seen one. I didn’t even know where to look. For the next 5 minutes the whales blew and breached. Amazing to watch. People spend days trying to see this and I get lucky and see a pair making a Pacific Life commercial. All in all what I thought was going to be a shitty day turned into one of the best days in Hawaii I’ve had yet. Crazy how some times research just pays off.

Domain of the Day: Never met a Canadian that wasn’t a proud Canadian

Quote of the Day: Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson Names at Auction or Dropping The type of name a Venture capitalist would name him/herself Perfect name for the Egaming community. I see this going for the top end of a .gg auction. Whatever that is Don’t see a lot of out there. The bids prove it 376 results on GitHub so it has some value another GG that looks to be a good eSports name

Namejet and Sedo Domains at Auction Very close to reserve. Billions of dollars of farms or country living homes are sold each year in the US alone. Closes soon Closes today and met reserve at $20. Review site or marketing name for an Italian restaurant 24 years old. No reserve and ends today. Nice travel booking site name No reserve. At $25 and closes in a few hours. Not only do you get an angel, but you get a smart one One of the few trading types that still pays a good lead or commission. 16 years old. No reserve 22 years old. No reserve. Build it and I will come. I love anything sexy

Sedo’s Great Domains auction starts today and a bunch of good names in this one This has a normal renewal fee. I think this easily meets reserve and sells because of that Reserve is around $10K so another that’s going to sell Been up for sale quite a bit lately. This might be the one that finally gets it sold I love bees and wish I had the cash to get this one. Although probably more of an online productivity name Even at $500K, the top end of the reserve, this would be a great buy IMO People don’t seem to be taking to dot co. This is at a low price considering the bail bond potential Met reserve at $14K and is going to sell Sounds like a good trip. Maybe I’ll get there some day Sounds like a good IPA so its a good brand. short is a bonus Based on the other up at Namejet, the reserve is around $14K but I think this is a good brand Q Zo 1996 birthday. May have to spell out the A. People will spell it Dyson Sounds like a video game, a punk rock band, or corona virus I hear commercials for this type of stuff all the time Because has nothing to do with earthquakes. 22 years old Good for two states. Upgrade name for a few companies What companies are looking for so a good marketing name

Godaddy Domains With Bids You didn’t know. All you have to take is a pill. I’ve been taking it for a few years. Works wonders Doesn’t have much history or backlinks but bidders love it. A 56 from a straight. Getting straight money Top number of bids on the board but not because of the name Fair Trade, Fair play I’d eat there. If I wasn’t one of those douchebag pescatarians and Two more about to hit four figures Great name for my industry Yes there is such thing. Just have to know the difference Need to continue to work on them as much as your physical skills Upgrade name for quite a few companies. Doesn’t hurt it has 2.5 million backlinks I’m long all Yoga names Sounds like a real airline because it was. Existed from 1926 to 1991.

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

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