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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday February 19th, 2020

Going to be a little shorter list than normal because I’m in the middle of a vacation and while I did the whole list earlier, somehow it was lost during the inflight wifi. We all know how inflight wifi is. You pay full price but get half service. Goes in and out and forces you to hit save every 30 seconds.

I have no idea how people work remotely and stay focused. Add in working on a different time zone and your schedule is totally jacked up. I don’t think remote workers get as much done as they think they do. They all claim to be more effective but everyone I know that works remotely considered their old commute to work as part of work. That is not work. That is driving to work. The person that lives in the condos above the office doesn’t work less and probably works longer because he doesn’t have an hour each way to drive. All while the person that has a long commute feels like they work much longer than they really are. So they say that remote work is better what they are saying is better IMO is not wasting most of the day getting to work.

I see the benefits of working from home or anywhere they want but there is something to be said about the routine of going in the office. I have one advantage over most people in that I live 2 miles from work. One stoplight away and it takes me 6 minutes to get to work if I catch the light. I can take lunch at home or if I forget it at home I can get it and be back in 15 minutes. I fill my gas tank once every other week if I meet friends to run, once a month when I don’t.

I have the beauty of both worlds. I can be away from work in 5 minutes and I can be with everyone in 5 minutes. No remote needed and when they don’t need me I can be 15 hours and way and they can run it on their own.

Domain of the Day: Godaddy has this valued at $9K which is a lot higher than most of their LLLL.coms. Even without the valuation it looks like its going to hit four figures

Quote of the Day: It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.” ― Apache Proverb Names at Auction or Dropping I wouldn’t normally buy a numeric dot io unless it was special. You all know I bought I think this one is pretty cool. where all the cool things happen When I think of names that go well in gg its domains that a gamer would like. They definitely like bullets Mark Levine and I have had good luck with Seed domains not a huge .ag fan but I’m a huge bee fan

Godaddy Domains With Bids I think the bidders are seeing secure as in book travel. Rather than safe travel. All the links and juice have this one almost up to five figures and Two that a good stores of value. Or at least have been over the last 5 years Sounds like a name used by 40 year old that takes a trip with the girls to wine country Is it cuddling? as opposed to adult baby There’s no power greater Great letters. Not quite ISBT but a good Help them find a good rate and you find a good commission Its a thing. Because there’s always those couples that just have to be different I’m thinking lyrics is the money maker here Good name for home goods but have to fight Google’s Nest I’m biased but I like names with tree in them Not sure how you monetize social media tags but maybe one of them is selling this domain Fantastic SEO company name IMO Means nothing to me other than it has a smooth flow to it and has the word car in it Some stadiums, schools, and government building require you to use them Natural sleeping pill Cannabis shop all the way Sounds like big data company It always starts with you Sounds like a Matt Damon movie

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I have done all three: commuted to the city (the actual city of London), lived next to work in the city & worked remotely. I agree with you about the routine of going to work. There is also, for me, an enjoyment about being surrounded by characters who make you laugh you just don’t get working from home. The only point I would disagree with you on is this “The person that lives in the condos above the office doesn’t work less and probably works longer because he doesn’t have an hour each way to drive.” As I was young and single at the time, I left work the same time as everyone else but the last thing I wanted to do is go home in time for kids TV and found myself going out every night. The first time I ever tried working remotely I spent two months fishing! I am more motivated these days.

  2. Working remotely works just fine for someone with the right job and discipline. That doesn’t apply very well to a nursery and many other jobs where you need to be there. Commuting for a long time to work is brutal and one of the biggest wastes of time that humans put themselves through on a regular basis – even if you have Howard Stern or podcasts to listen to. People that enjoy their long commutes to work need to examine why they hate their regular lives so much.

    1. Travis,

      Obviously a retail business can’t have remote work. People will argue they have to live far away to find affordable housing or have a situation like Josh where family is in one place and a great job in another. So I get it. But you hit it right on the head. You have to have great discipline to work remotely at home. Its also why WeWork type places are crushing it. They can work in their own town at their own office and not pay much to have it. And they are more productive out of the house

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