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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday May 30th, 2019

I’m headed to go climb Mt. Baker with my daughter in a few weeks and there has been some news recently about all the people dying on Mt. Everest.  In no way am I comparing little Baker to Everest but I can give you an inside opinion from someone that considers endurance endeavors entertaining.
People that climb Everest are doing it for themselves and to show off.   Everest represents one of the hardest things a person can do.  And that is very appealing to people .  Despite the fact they know they have a 1 in 10 chance of dying.  That makes it even more appealing.  I have that gene but I have ZERO desire to die for stupid reasons.  It’s why I don’t jump out of planes.  I am not stupid enough to do something that I have 100% chance of dying if something goes wrong.  I find no thrill in that.   I will never climb Everest because I don’t want to die because some old guy who has never climbed a mountain over 9,000 meters is trying to climb the deadliest place on earth.  This isn’t a marathon or Ironman.  Everest takes years of mountaineering training and peak human endurance.   Then these wannabes go up and clog the path to the top.  The most dangerous move in mountain climbing isn unclip from your rope to get around something.  You make one wrong step and you fall to your death.  People are unclipping 4 and 5 times on Everest right now going around people.   It’s crazy and people are dying as a result.
We headed out 2 hours early at Rainier to try and beat the other climbers so we didn’t have to share path on the way down.  It didn’t work.  I had to set 3 posts to rests. because I was waiting for 15 to 20 minutes while slow groups on short ropes try to climb up.   Posts are a security post you drive in the ground to clip your rope and harness in to.   I normally would have been fine but they forced us to scoot over on the edge a little and I didn’t feel comfortable walking free.   If I caught a crampon on my gaiter or something and tripped it was going to be a long fall.   I was pissed by the time we got down.  When we asked the rangers why it was so crowded on the mountain they said the weather the previous was terrible and nobody summited and this weekend was perfect so they gave out twice as many climbing permits as usual to let some people summit.   Very different than Everest but the same problem.  Too many people on paths and too many people going around other people or waiting for the struggling and slow people.   It’s dangerous and its how people get hurt.
My opinion is to make people have experience points before they climb bigger mountains.  And it has to be recent points.  Like the last 10 years.   If someone wants to die then let them do what they want to do but to let them put other people’s lives at risk doesn’t make any sense to me.  Let them earn their content for their keynote speeches somewhere else.  Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on

Domain of the Day:      To me its easily the best name on the board today.  Restaurant or packaged foods

Quote of the Day: The sanest people, I think, are those happily unafflicted with ambition — whether for power, wealth, fame or achievement — who want only to work at some useful job, to love someone and to live in a nice place with some wind chimes on the porch.” -Tim Kreider

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction   8 years old.    Lighting or Design. Met reserve     There are 10 or so names that are high CPC keywords in property.  This is one of them  Evidently these pay for short term use things are still very popular  Two letter .org with a reserve under $10K    No bids.  Show off your privately acquired domains  Adult toys all the way   Closing today with one bid.  Area in Spain

Sedo has a Auction Starting today.  Here are my 5 favorite  I see perch or porch American Association of Something Something  Gets 150 or so months visits   770 for this one.  M for Management  I like 4L that end in A

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids   At $20.  Sounds like an HGTV show   What I’m sure of is all the bids and the big price are coming for the quarter of a million backlinks and its history  Ditto   Not sure what you do with it but a huge category and something everyone is fighting Google for   Maybe its pronounceable  Find more about the places you may want to work   the crypto group is probably doing pretty well right now   Desitined to be a marketing name  At $1000 just as expected.  Just kidding didn’t see this hitting $500  1999 birthday which is exactly the point in time where you could have raised 5 million dollars just pretending like you had a new email service with this name  and    Don’t get better real estate than oceanfront   upgrade name for several companies.  Actually the dot com is still the ultimate upgrade name but this would be the second  I like this more than the bidders.  Great name for all things graduation and     Get some money for a midwest home

More good up for auction

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I got sweaty palms just reading this post. Or maybe I just drank too much coffee this morning.

    Mountain climbing is a good comparison to domain investing. Too crowded. Incredible highs and lows. People stepping over each other and getting hurt (ie; overpaying in auctions). But when you reach the top, victory! Until the next guy takes your spot….

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