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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday October 22nd, 2020

I’m pretty resilient to most things but my body sure does hate the Shingles vaccine. I have been told over and over, one of the most painful things you can get is Shingles. So when I turned 50 the first thing I did is get the first of 2 vaccine shots for Shingles. It hit me like a brick. Actually like the flu. They warned me that 1 in 6 gets hit pretty hard. Flu-like symptoms from 1 to 3 days. Mine was a hard 1 day and because of it, I avoided getting the second shot because of how bad it made me feel. But the time was drawing near that if I didn’t get the second I was going to have to do the first again. So I went in for my flu shot AND my Shingles #2. Shit did it crush me.

I could feel it coming on. At first, I figured it was in my head. But as the tired came on and the headache set in I knew what I was in for. All night I had the sweats. It hurt to lay on my shoulders which is pretty much impossible to avoid when in the sleeping position. I woke up and said no run and no work. I’ve only missed work for nonvacation a few times in the last 25 years but added one more. Fortunately, most of my illness has come in the dead of winter when we aren’t really open at the nursery. The last time I missed a day is when I overdosed on a pot chew a year or two ago. When I miss days I like to make them special. .

I would be amiss if I didn’t talk about bitcoin and the rise yesterday. It was old news that Paypal was going to enable users to buy and sell crypto. It was actually announced in the middle of July and the stock and crypto bounced then. But it wasn’t official. Yesterday they made it official and crypto and Paypal jumped. In trading the saying is ” buy the rumor, sell the news” Pretty sure nobody selling the news here. I did buy the rumor at Paypal and I bought crypto. I just wasn’t patient enough to watch the paint dry in Bitcoin. I have stated here many times I can beat the current return of 78% that bitcoin has had this year in domains and other things I put my money in. I couldn’t stand just sitting there idle doing nothing. Contrary to many, I don’t have a huge store of cash laying around. The cash I have I need to put to work. I make more than 2.5X my money every three years growing plants. That’s my bottom. Everyone doesn’t have that ability to get those returns. I just happen to be part of a company that built an outlet to sell plants. If we can grow them we get a heck of a return. Just like Apple manufacturing and selling direct. The margins are crazy when you cut everyone out. So while I am happy for everyone that’s killing it in bitcoin. Only the people that got in several years ago are truly killing it. 5 -10 years ago? Once in a lifetime returns that nobody will match again. The current returns are nice but I think I can match. I feel stronger about plants and domains than I do about BTC and yes I do have to choose. I can’t do both.

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Quote of the Day: “An adventure is never an adventure when it happens. An adventure is simply physical and emotional discomfort recollected in tranquility.” ― Tim Cahill

Domain of the Day: Gold name for an SEO Consultant Names at Auction or Available for Pickup FX is the driver here. Short is the passenger Another here. I still think one wonders are much better than LLL Final call for a double venture Billions of dollars in getting in shape. They never stay there so its repetitive as well. The dot com will never be available unless you want to buy a whole lighting company

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Sedo’s GD auction starts today. I’ve found my best priced here over the years As in bet or make an offer This sold for $33,863 last year Green Energy in French. Green energy or renewable energy is a hot topic in every country Crypto Currency? Or at least ends in C which is a desired final letter Capital and Media names have done well at auction over the last few years Probably won’t be used for an actual batting cage facility but rather some sports podcast or show Evidently was a band but pretty cool sounding brand. A little close to slut and slit Sounds like a bad and a great place to go depending on your circumstances Be curious to see what this goes for. Numerics sell at wholesale but don’t see them at retail very often A lot of people seem to want to go there. Must be the views

Godaddy Domains With Bids So important right now with them being away from school and sport and away from their mentors Never been a big fan of ing names unless the act makes you money. Bidders don’t agree We still doing Escape rooms? Bollywood has more gossip than Hollywood Powerful civil rights name Top number of bids on the board today and top price. Coming for the backlinks to this recipe storage site Not sure I want to search this one Because you know they have it and there will be more Gold name for an SEO Consultant Sounds like a temporary staffing company Get your God on Digest and News seems redundant but crypto right now is so hot people don’t care Like I said. Look at this price. Crypto is King Getting a good price. Not very much juice there but the price says differently There are a lot of people against raising puppies for sale but twice as many that love them Mmmmm I miss college food Always more room for delivery companies in Cali and Washington

The Godaddy Names with One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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  1. calls to mind the phrase “turning tricks”, which – as you say – “the act” is known to make $$$. The bids might actually be in line with a variety of uses.

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