Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday January 30th, 2019

Another great Namescon and I can say I officially was old this year.   With 40% new investors in attendance this year I officially moved into the segment of “older” domain investors.  Half because I am old in age,  and half because I’ve now been investing for a decade.  Great attendance this year so it was good to catch up with friends.  One of the highlights was George Hong of finally solving the mystery that has been driving my crazy the last year.  What the fuck are the phone calls in Chinese saying when they call me 5 times a day.  He listened to my voicemails and it turns out I have a very important package waiting for me and that I needed to press 9 to get it.   Evidently it is VERY important because they have called me several times a day, every day, for the last year.  But George told me not to press 9 that I really don’t have a package waiting for me.  Which in itself was disappointing because I really do love surprise packages.

On another note,  I hope I make it home.  All the flights into Champaign were canceled so I have to stay in Vegas another day.  Which is 100% better than flying into Chicago and then having to stay there all night. It’s too cold to be looking for a hotel or taking shuttles and busses.  I would much rather stay in Vegas and wait than wait at O’Hare.  Yet another reminder of why I hate Illinois weather.  It’s miserably hot in the summer and arctic cold in the winter. But I’ve been away from home pretty much all month and ready to sleep in my own bed.  On the positive, maybe I’ll go see Rich Little at the Trop and see a few good impersonations of Richard Nixon and Howard Cosell.   Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD continue writing each day.

Quote of the Day: When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.” — Norm Crosby

Domain of the Day: 

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  Getting some great bids.  Reserve met so its going to sell   Expiry name so no reserve.  The world can certainly use more love  My kind of name. Short, means nothing to most people and makes a prefect brand  Not exactly sure what it would be but I think second opinion when I see it  Used to know a Rugby team with this name.  I bet that info really helps you with a domain buy decision  I still like these kinds of names  I think they make good, memorable brands.     Upgrade for a few companies and country already sounds wholesome on its own. Estibot says its worth the same as a bag of Skittles   I think this is headed to the adult market but could be kids.   Not many names can swing from either kids or adult   I think this is worth more than the current bid.  Name describes the site perfectly

Goddy Domains With Multiple Bids  There seems to be a ton of CBD names that got dropped and now get good bids.  I’m sure the person that owned this would hate to see what they let go   A positive name. Good name for charity or religious organization  According to Crunchbase it got funded and then bought out by Samsung  A bit long and awkward for me but I can see why some like it  I like this one a bit more   Google it and you get a fish company and an acronym for a health care company at the top. Which means there are probably quite a few end user possibilities.    Also has 200,000 backlinks that come with it   Has Cam in it so you know what that means.   Girls  There are a lot of sites that review doctors but this is as good of a name as any of them  Pretty good letters and ends in C.  That’s enough to make me follow along   Essentially the generic of LinkedIn   I feel like I’m going to get a pretty good price on something but I also feel like

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  I think data forensics is only going to grow in the future No bids at $12.   Never enough flight and travel sites   Not huge value but there are people that use fight training to stay in shape  “Let us get you the lowest cost on health insurance”  Can you imagine if that was a real thing   Face Id is what comes to mind first here  No bidders on this  Only one bidder at press time. “Idealism” in Spanish

 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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Domain of the Day:

3 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday January 30th, 2019”

  1. Smart man staying put there- absolutely freezing in the northeast (so glad I came back) and they are cancelling delivering mail and pizzas in many parts of the Midwest I heard!

    Great catching up with you the past few days in person and I can’t wait to see your review of Rich Little!



  2. Shane: R12 brings back good memories of gas station employees bumping FREON. Dudes that skipped class to bump FREON in the woods you’d see hitchhiking for the next ten years.

    R12 was a brand of Dupont R12 FREON Refrigerant for air conditioning systems until 1996 when R12 manufacture was banned in developed countries for Ozone Layer Depletion. It was illegal for auto mechanics and HVAC techs to release R12 into the atmosphere. Grocery store cooler cases ran on R12 refrigerant. Mechanics were required to collect R12 into sealed recovery tanks. A/C systems in 70’s and 80’s cars leaked R12 under the hood and required additional R12 recharge every cooling season.

    In 1989, I started hearing, “The EPA is outlawing R12 soon refrigeration systems will need expensive recalibration for a new refrigerant or become obsolete”

    That’s when the stockpiling of R12 began. “If your A/C runs R12, you might not be able to get R12 soon, so stock up on canisters of FREON.

    In 1993, burnouts huffed FREON right from the canister. By 1994, they had no brain cells left.

    Remaining supplies of unused R12 floating around in abundance may be legal to obtain. Find a case of R12 canisters or a 5-Gallon Tank of FREON at

    R12 was a big deal if you were age 40 in 1990. They’re all turning 70 today which a lot younger than 90. You know who is old, Ryan Seacrest. I was at the hospital last week and all the nurses were talking about Ryan Seacrest.

    In the hospital lobby a green U caught my eye. It looked like Uniregistry. All the hospital Uniforms are supplied by UniFirst. Even the hospital rugs say UNI on the side. UniFirst brands include UniWear, UniWeave, UniSport, UniTech, and UniClean. for over 50 years After seeing the UNI1st website, they got that U thing, that UNI thing covered.

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