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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday October 10th, 2018

I let all my drop this past month.  (I say this because I see a large amount of 6Ns dropping and getting bids today)  It was an expensive lesson learned.  I actually sold a big group of them on Godaddy before they completely became worthless but it was still a whole lot less than what I paid.  I figured it cost me about $10,000 in 6Ns.  Bringing my total loss in the .ws debacle and the 6N disaster to about $30K in total.  A lot of money.  But that is part of this domain journey. It’s a risky journey.  You don’t make money without taking some risk.  Fortunately I’ve made 10 times that over the years.  Often with the same type of risk.  I made a lot more than that on my 4N.coms.  I only say this to make me feel better and to let others know that with the successes will come failures.   The key is the successes have to be more often and/or bigger than the losses.  The risk also has to be a percentage of bankroll that allows you to keep moving forward if all goes to hell.

The biggest lesson was not the financial impact but the emotional impact.  People were ruthless.   It no longer bothers me but it did then.  Not only was it a financial failure but it defined me to many people in the industry.  It taught me that people love failure and dwell on it.  I had to learn not to.  But I am still here.  My portfolio is stronger than ever and since that time I’ve added some great names and had consistent sales.  Nothing that’s going to make the charts but singles that are driving in runs.  I’m not going to stand here and say I came out the winner because this isn’t a domainer vs domainer thing.  We’re all trying to achieve the same thing.  Profits.  I support anyone trying to make a go at this domain investing thing.   But I don’t expect everyone to support me. But I have found those that do. If you find those people,  make sure not to take them for granted because those that support you are an important part of the journey.

On a side note.  I have no idea who I am bidding against on Godaddy.  Although I still am a believer in that it doesn’t matter. I’m either willing to pay the amount or not. I shouldn’t need to make my decision based on another bidder.  But of course I want to know because I’m curious like that.  Today it really depended on what screen I looked at.  Sometimes it was bidder 16, on another screen the bid went to bidder number 2.

Either way I didn’t buy it but I do love the name. I hindsight I wish I would have kept bidding.  Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day: “Don’t let off the gas in a turn

Domain of the Day:    Zero percent chance this stays under $100.   But zero bids right now

 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others   Depends on reserve but sports gambling eventually is going to be legal in the US which will fire up the sports betting names.  My opinion only   Still sitting there super cheap    Top bid getter in the Sedo auction.  Surprised how many names are getting bids    Another nice name.  Everyone shaves.  Well most do   There is no better time to realize the value of these then exactly what’s going on in the south.  Hurricanes.  These things are like gold when the storms come   So popular there’s even a house hunters for RVs.  And when you have them you have to add all the goodies.   Sounds like they know what they are doing.  Of course if they were REALLY good they would just trade and not advise    If this is what you do then you gotta have this name  Easy logo.  Shadow of a moose


Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Leading Godaddy names in price and bids.   Not a site.  THE site.  22 years old but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore  You could put almost and name up and it would get bids  Couldn’t we all use this?  Lead us in the right direction  Brand people like the term rocket   eSports names are hot.  Even dot orgs    Probably the funniest name I’ve seen that actually had 15 or more bids  Because you know there is such thing   Not all 6Ns are worthless.  This one is getting fantastic bids  Crazy or porn   Some are going to say this is pronounceable   Great travel name. I may bid on this one if it stays on the cheap side  The mighty CHiPs have fallen but I never wanted them anyway.  X in the middle is tough in Western Language   Don’t know what it is but I feel like its going to spin real nice.  12 year old name   Artisan sounds so much nicer than “made in my basement”   For everything blockchain.  Not that anyone really knows what blockchain is   I knew people would like this.  Because they like saying zippy   Internet trust is a big business



Godaddy Domains With No Bids  Just kidding  Transportation, transmission, or boy to girl, girl to boy  They hunt deer in every state  Probably no value but sure a fun brand Same here but good name for a company that offers zip lining and things that are “extreme”  Solid marketing name for a car dealer for $12  Means worst player for that instrument for band geeks.  They would think its funny if you don’t “Your source for direct to your door lady pads”  Good looking brand.  Stroll or move  Rare  Not anything more powerful  Big enough sport you could specialize  No bidders.   Makes me think of travel writing  In spanish its means “to take it easy” but makes a nice short brand on its own

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

A HUGE Group of Numerics Dropping (Here you go Morgan)

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8 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday October 10th, 2018”

  1. “What other people say about you is none of your business”.

    You usually have to go through hell to learn this important lesson.

    As for domain mistakes, you just need to average better, win more than you lose. Take swings that won’t take you out in case you miss, and if you find something that works, double down.

  2. I think the Bidder 2 vs Bidder 16 is just a UI bug. The names are obfuscated away, so the code on the Auction detail page might be different from the expanded dropdown. But then again … if they’re going in order of bidders then I’d imagine they should be the same :thinking_face;

  3. In an industry characterized by sales reports that fail to convey the hundreds of hour of work and thousands of other, unsold, domains……. It’s nice when someone has the courage to admit they made a mistake and took a loss and that even successful domainers have their failures. Even big ones.

    I too took a loss on 6Ns after holding off for months and then drinking the CHIP kool aid just before the peak. The fact that my losses were minor in comparison to yours and others is the only consolation.

    Thanks for being real and putting it out there.

  4. It must be something in the water today……. Just read Rick’s blog (you know, the Hate nGLTDs King?) and he writes:

    “I did prove to be a moron myself when I bought into .Mobi. I had a lot of company at the time. lol Remember, when I bought I was bidding against several bidders that went to $150k and one that went to $195k. But when I think back, that may have been a cheap lesson. Look how much I saved not buying into the GTLD .CRAP!!”

    Mistakes. We all make em.

  5. Appreciate Shane being open and honest about successes and failures…everyone has purchased domains that didn’t work out. Most of us just aren’t as transparent about the loser domains and only talk about the winners. It’s unfortunate that some look to tear down instead of build up. Not sure if that is driven by jealousy, insecurity, domain envy, etc….

    Thanks to Shane the the DSAD team Aaron, Travis, and Josh for consistently putting out useful information. It helps us all become better.

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